Simi & Haze Have Their Eyes On You

As we come to rely more and more on Instagram, as much for the latest latex styles, new videos ‘dropping’, or any other high-culture news, we are all now aware of what popular DJs and influencer twins Simi & Haze are into. Over the social media portal, the talented sister team had been hinting about their Simi Haze Beauty line, and it’s finally here.

The Palestinian twins, born in Saudi Arabia, have made their singular ‘duo’ presence known for quite some time. Friends with such notables as model Bella Hadid and actress Selena Gomez, Simi and Haze Khadra have established a reputation for supreme artistic displays with their DJing for high profile fashion shows as much have become a true force in music and fashion. Setting what could easily be tagged a particular ‘futuristic’ neon style with what’s become their iconic eye makeup, the twins were teasing recently about offering that makeup to the world at large. With the promise of “coming soon,” tagged on one of their Instagram accounts, the ladies first offered a video revealing a sheet of eyeliner stickers in just the exact style they often wear. A few days later, they posted another picture, this one of an eye sporting the stylish holographic eyeliner stickers the upcoming beauty line will sell. The caption, in part, read, “Makeup has always been a part of our DNA, especially as DJs. We wanted to make it easy for anyone to recreate our favorite makeup looks, so we turned them into eye stickers!”

From alternate haute couture to unique haircuts and colors to makeup like Simi & Haze are selling here, we all know style and fashion moves ever onward from a multitude of sources, revealed across a bunch of different portals, from ever innovative entrepreneurs becoming popular in a wide bunch of media.

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