Pocket Bridal

Pocket Bridal

When it comes to latex wardrobe, there is bespoke…and then there is BESPOKE. Mostly, when we take a specific request—beyond creating an outfit completely original for a client—we see requests for specific alternations in size, and requests for color. And when it comes to creating wedding gowns we have accommodated some very personal specifications, many a bride want special specifications for their special day. But last week a wedding gown went viral sporting such a specific addition that was so practical, it left the net buzzing.

As these things happen in modern life, someone posted a picture and the net blew up. Esther Kezia Thorpe put up a photo of her friend’s bridal gown across Twitter. An elegant white gown, what Esther showed and said from this shot at the wedding was: “STOP EVERYTHING so one of my friends got married yesterday and she had POCKETS ON HER WEDDING DRESS.”

This particular wedding dress was made by Suzanne Neville a British designer.

Lots of people chimed in with how fantastic an idea they though the pockets were, as Esther’s tweet garnered more than 10,000 likes and shares on the day she posted. There were also lots of tweet replies of brides showing off their own pockets; it seems not just Esther’s friend had this idea for her special day.

Certainly brides carry purses and clutches and they have reason to; make-up, tissues, breath mints, directions on how to get out of town quick, a vape pen even, could be in many a bride’s arsenal for her big day. But pockets, not readily seen on wedding gowns, be they made of latex or any other material, are truly the perfect addition.

As haute couture evolves sometimes traditions change and some are challenged. Be it from wives-to-be, fashionistas or just you and me, let’s keep the world ever changing with those bespoke ideas coming.

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