Nicki Minaj Breaks The Net In Her Jibbitz Crocs

As much as we champion anyone anywhere stepping out with a bespoke latex outfit, or some leather-and-lace wardrobe concoction they might pull off the rack, we’ve also always advised about picking your accessory correctly. A fancy pair of latex opera gloves, a smart little hat, possibly a gas mask, hood or goggles, some handcuffs, or a clutch can add so much to a kink/fetish/outrageous/sexy fun look. And certainly, shoes give even the most extraordinary outfit that much more pizzazz.

Nicki Minaj pizzazz-ed us all this week in what is being called another one of those ‘break the net’ moments. The 38-year-old singer posted a picture across her social media portals sitting on a pink fronted desk, with a white top, oversized Chanel candy-shaped objects to her left and right, and a partially obscured Chanel perfume bottle behind her. Covering her naked body with two strategically placed fluffy heart-shaped pillows, what made the web stand up and take notice is the bedazzled pair of pink “Crocs” Nicki wore, sporting a Chanel double-C Jibbitz, across their fronts.

Jibbitz is the official term for Crocs’ charms.

Minaj has such star-power influence that her post saw Croc sales rise by 4,900 % and caused the shoe brand’s website to shut down. While the phrases “pink Crocs” and “Nicki Minaj Crocs” instantly became trending searches on Google. This snapshot Minaj shared was possibly intended to tease something new from her, as she captioned the picture “Friday.” But it seems she garnered more attention for and about those Crocs she was wearing.

Singers Justin Bieber and Post Malone have released their own Crocs collections. But it is not yet known if Nicki will join them in partnering with the brand or if all this was simply Nicki revealing what she thought the perfect accessory for her latest post.

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