Kanye Is Coming For You…And There’s Not a Damn Thing You Can Do About It, Even if You Try And Run Away In Adidas Sneakers


Brick and mortar locations might not be what the modern day fetish fashionista is used to when buying latex outfits, rubber clothing or accessories. These days we’d all agree that it is easier to do some searching online and even order up a bespoke item or two. Surely there are still plenty of stores selling that clothing we all like to party in, but retail locations selling the wardrobes we all like don’t exactly pop up in your local mall. Kanye West though, has stores popping up, and damn soon, and he is sure you will get to them for his swag. The music star/mogul will open 21 temporary Pablo store locations around the globe this very weekend.

See here to find these temporary locations: http://www.kanyewest.com/temporarystores/

New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Singapore will get stores, where celebrity fashion merchandise, like Kanye’s  t-shirts and hoodies will be sold. Each store will sell items specific to the city they are in, with the name of that city written in script upon the clothing rendered by Cali Thornhill Dewitt.

This high profile press/media maneuver comes just mere weeks before the 2016 New York Fashion Week opening day. On that first day-and at a NYC at a location yet to be named-Kanye will reveal his Yeezy Season 4 collection to the world. When he revealed Yeezy 3 last year in New York’s Madison Square Garden, that listening party/performance/fashion exhibition sold out the Garden as well as enjoyed 20 million live-stream viewers.

With Kanye solidifying his connection with Adidas just this past June, the Yeezy line as much about the sneakers that sell out as it is anything else, and the Pablo stores sure to bring in crowds boasting exclusive wardrobe items for a limited time only, Kanye assault on the fashion world for this Fall 2016 might well be unprecedented.