GLOW Returns, Promises Wilder Styles

Spandex trumps latex couture, but who cares when a T.V. show is as entertaining as GLOW? The explosively popular ladies wresting series premiers its 2nd season a few days before the 4th of July, and if the trailer or teaser is any indication the action and comedy this time hits, knocks down and for all intents and purposed pins the first season. What also seems to have been given an uptick is GLOW’s look.

Series costume designer here is Beth Morgan. Hair styling on the show is lead by Theraesa Rivers, and makeup by Lana Horochowski. With the first season keeping its eye on 1980’s authenticity (GLOW takes place in 1986) by all accounts, this season Morgan, Rivers and Horochowski are showing more influence from “hair metal” videos of the era…and the bigger budget a 2nd season Netflix show can enjoy.

One of the biggest video hits of the day informs this hilarious GLOW teaser trailer, see it here.

One must also consider, that while the ladies of the new wrestling league did not come to their personas until the end of GLOW’s 1st season, they are now deep into their characters. The costuming then of this 2nd go round reflects how comfortable GLOW’s women are in their ‘second skin’ (pretty much how most of us feel in the second skin of a Cyber Catsuit or even a Dawnamatrix Latex Motorcycle Jacket.) Still, the women of GLOW need to be able to execute some very intense athletics…hence, Spandex is God on GLOW.

When the women of GLOW are out of the ring, 80’s couture is seen plenty. It has been promised that a green and red Gucci tracksuit seen in season one will make another appearance and high-waisted jeans are pretty much still de rigueur on this show. 

As GLOW’s written description offers: “Enter the glitter and spandex-laden world of women’s wrestling.” One can do so by catching GLOW’s 2nd season premier on Netflix 6/29.

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