Another Week OF Fashion Controversies

And here we thought only sexy latex outfits ever caused controversy. Plenty of wardrobe choices, hairstyles, and even new product production cause the Twitter/Instagram/blog world to stand up and take note, divide the masses, ‘break the net.’ But how deeply does any of this cut really on a twenty-four news cycle and specifically over the past two years deep in a pandemic as we are? 

Dawnamatrix lets you decide how impactful any of these latest fashion controversies are to you.

Undoubtedly aware that she could get a specific message seen at such a significant media event, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a dress to the Met Gala that said, “Tax the Rich” across its back. Irony, bad taste, or a salient message of intent when walking into an event where a single ticket can set an attendee back at least $30,000.00?

If any recent runway showing is any judge, it seems the dress-over-pants trend is returning. Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Rosetta Getty showcased a dress-like tunic over certain of their model’s pants in their 2021 haute couture collections. A return for good? 

In a true comfort-over-style question, as Crocs had years before, it seems “sleeping bag shoes” are taking over. Known as Teva ReEmber, the quilted, ‘slip-on’ moccasin is made of 100 percent recycled ripstop, rib knit, and microfiber. The upper section of the boot looks like tiny quilts, sown around a rubber out-soul with the shoes main featuring being that the back folds down, on purpose. The Teva Rember then becomes a slipper. 

This InStyle poll would have you believe the debate of fashion do or don’t of this shoe is more debated than any political race.

And lastly (and this is a hair item, less a couture controversy), model Adriana Lima just posted a picture on Instagram that is bringing her plenty of trouble. In the picture, she wears a white blazer over her bare torso, fashioning her hair in cornrows. Captioning the pic “Bringing a little of my urban/chic spirit to life this am,” it seems the caption and cornrows have labeled the ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel with the label of cultural appropriation

Lima lists African, Japanese, Portuguese, and Swiss as her various ethnicities.

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