Dressing Katy Perry and Pink For Covergirl

PinkCovergirlTwo of the most popular female pop singers of the day were recently outfitted by Dawnamatrix. Once again we stepped into the music as well as advertising world with our latex designs, this time dressing Katy Perry and Pink for Covergirl.

Clothing pop divas is nothing new for Dawnamatrix, but when it comes to outfitting women as much known for their stage persona as what they wear when on stage (and off it) the task is an especially important making sure all parties are pleased. Add into the mix that in this particular instance we were working for super brand Covergirl and the desire to make the most of our fashioning designing was a main concern.

The shoots occurred over a few different occasions in the course of two years. Katy Perry we made several custom black latex and leopard print latex outfits delivering them to Amsterdam while we all were attending the Domintarix party in that city and the “Fireworks” star was performing at the MTV awards there. A second request came for us to supply another custom leopard latex dress the following February.

We do create lots of dresses for ladies(see here.)

Of course, lots of what we usually do as a latex manufacturer is as much rendering alluring well made latex clothing…as it is working with people who know how to model. Sure, our music stars, women and men both, can strut a good game in their stage costumes, even place their names on clothing lines, but beyond that these people are singers and performers, usually not models. Sure, their ‘going out on the town’ wardrobes are often startling one-of-a-kind pieces (think Lady Gaga and her meat dress) still we are used to runway models working our designs.LeopardMinidressredMain

But we were lucky with Katy Perry and Pink as both women are especially aware of every stitch of what they are wearing, want the maximum effect in how their clothes look on them. The singers couldn’t have been any nicer or more professional to work with and they both said how much they liked our clothing, how much our attention to detail truly meant to them and how they were consistently impressed with our speed of delivery.

If Katy Perry and Pink are the modern day definition of diva, then give us divas every time, we say!



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