Diana Sirokia Challenges Calvin Klein & The Kardashians

Whether someone takes inspiration for an outfit they create from a piece of Dawnamatrix latex couture or a bunch of models recreate a famous fashion add, in any instance, “imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery.” In alternate fashion as well as across the mainstream world, we have all seen an idea, a specific color or cut, even a cosplay trend become so popular in such a short period of time it spreads like wildfire and is imitated seeming to infinity.

In the case of a just released and already infamous Calvin Klein add featuring the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, a bunch of plus-sized models just revealed their homage this week, an homage they present for a certain cause.

This isn’t the first time plus-sized model Diana Sirokia has taken to re-creating a popular fashion add, doing so, she says, to bring attention to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry. She ‘recreated’ a Gigi Hadid campaign as well as had an early stab at Kim Kardashian swim suit pics. This time around Diana enlisted haute couture photographer Karizza to recreate that just released Calvin Klein add that features Kourtney, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloé laying and lounging in a faux barn in various Calvin Klein undies.

Diana had Daisy Christina, Tammy B, and Denise Mercedes, all curvy models, pose with her. As Calvin Klein does not make their intimates in plus sizes, in Diana’s recreation she and her fellow plus-size friends, arranged themselves in the same positions as the Karshaisn-Jenner sisters, laying on a rug, but wearing simple black bras and undies.

With hashtags on her Instagram page like #MyFlawsAreMyPower and #ConfidenceWithDiana, plus 70,000 likes on Instagram, it seems Diana Sirokia is set and determined to recreate famous and oh-so-current fashion campaigns with her body-positive message.

Will one be able to purchase plus sized intimates from Calvin Klein sometime soon?

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