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We are thrilled to have been quoted, as to have contributed some knowledge of latex fashion to this new article, that has just been published on the Future Of Sex website. Titled, Kinky and Green: The Rise of Sustainable Fetish Fashion, this ‘dressing for pleasure-while saving the planet’ piece by Ralph Greco, Jr. explores how we we can all be eco-friendly when wearing fetish fashions and alternate wardrobes.

Such textile options as cork, and Mirum (which is made from—among other materials—rice hulls) and many other possibilities are explored in the article. And we were asked to contribute our thoughts on latex and why we feel it is eco-friendly. 

Under the Latex: best for what ails us? section of the piece, fashion designer Arthur Avellano mentions how latex flows perfectly into concerns about ecology and ethical issues. And I wax philosophical with my reasons why our favorite textile is eco-friendly.

As I say:

 “First of all, it’s made from trees, but the trees don’t need to be cut down to cull the substance needed to make latex. Secondly, it is biodegradable. And lastly, latex takes time and skill to render, and that workmanship generally means that the work that goes into making latex garments cuts down on the aspect of rampant commercialism and mass production.”

I so do love being able to as much show off how wonderful I feel latex is by creating the Dawnamatrix clothes, as I do talking and writing about what we do and the material we do it with. And I sincerely that FOS and Mr. Greco, Jr. to give me the opportunity to do the latter here.

So, feel good about wearing latex, not only in how it fits your skin and makes you look, but in all the good you are doing for the planet dressing in your favorite catsuit, latex trench or even accessorizing with some latex pasties.

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