Chloe x Halle’s “Ungodly Hour” is unGodly hot

Luscious liquid latex are the three words that first come to mind when viewing Chloe x Halle’s just dropped “Ungodly Hour” video. The sister singing sensation that just revealed separate Instagram portals is still very much together in this clip, revealing a whole bunch of sleek couture, starting off what seems to be about seven costume changes wearing gorgeous latex wardrobe.

The visuals in this clip directed by Alfred Marroquin are centered around lots of liquid. Beginning with long snake-like cords strewn across the black floor of a laboratory spotted with puddles, the pair stands twitching in skin-tight blue matching wet latex bodysuits and matching tight head caps. We then get a quick glimpse of another costume change we will see more of later, C+H wearing shimmery silver floor-length gowns, with face hardware to match. Then we see the sisters lying in a pool of water, wearing diamond-encrusted nude bodysuits, those jewels courtesy of CHRISHABANA

When we get a swoop in look-see at the aforementioned face hardware, it’s obvious this is the most alternative look in the video. Both ladies sport face adornments like nose bar clips and antenna. It’s a great addition to an already otherworldly video. 

About mid-way in, we see Halle in an off-the-shoulder shimmery getup, balancing a lit-up chandelier on her head. Later we even get soft crop tops and harem pants and shorts, shimmery tight neck-high beaded gowns, capes…there is just so much fashion here it makes one head spin.

Chloe x Halle

The talents tapped for this clip, beyond Marroquin and Chloe x Halle includes stylist Zerina Akers, and her assistants, Blair Cannon, Chris Barberena, Lisa Catalina, and Delia Alleyene.

Whether the pandemic truncating performance options led to the current spate of incredible video clip visuals or fashion was just heading in this direction anyway (something we tend to believe is the case), the result for fans, fashionistas, and certainly Chloe x Halle’s fans is another great feast for eye and ear.

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