Carrie’s Cool Clothes Gets “Divorced”


Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw” might not have worn so much (or any at all) latex outfits in Sex In The City. She was considered a fashion icon though from starring in that hit show of years ago, influencing culture with Cosmos as with her shoes, well-placed “material” flowers and clutches. “Did you see what Carrie wore last Sunday night?” became the ubiquitous Monday morning water cooler question and this Sunday night, on H.B.O. (again), Parker stars in a series, this one called “Divorce,” where by all accounts she will be working fashion in a decidedly different…fashion.

As much reflecting her character Frances’ state of mind-she and Thomas Haden Church’s “Robert” are attempting to work through the end of their near 20-year marriage in the show-as where Frances is from, the cinema wardrobe this time for Parker are muted as much in design as in color. Costume designer Arjun Bhasin avoided big haute couture designers for Parker’s “Frances,” as much joining Parker is scouring flea markets, vintage clothing shops as well as online clothing shops like Etsy. The look for Frances would not really be a look at all, the style simply falling in lock step with the character and not making any statements beyond her.

The time of year the story takes place in, winter, also influences the two big coats Parker wears in the show as well as the tights she has on often.

And of course Bhasin availed himself of signature Sarah Jessica Parker clothes from the star’s own SJP label….a good source to choose from for this particular project, to be sure. But this time around, for Sarah Jessica Parker, clothes don’t particularly make the woman, as the drama and maybe even some comedy of two people splitting up is what this new show is about.


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