Brooke Shields Tells Ageism To Take A Hike In Black Latex

Just as Tom Hanks told us that there was “No crying in baseball,” Brooke Shields taught us all this week that there is no ageism when wearing latex.

Stepping out at the 2022 Tribeca Ball (a benefit for the New York Academy of Art in New York City) the supermodel/actress wore a black, mid-length sleeveless latex dress with a crew neck, that fell a few inches below the knee (see it here). Looking smashing in the simple sexy outfit as she did, the 56-year-old Shields reminded us all that one can wear latex at any age.

So much of what we come across in world culture today (even when it claims it is not) is specifically designed, created and certainly advertised for a buying public of a specific, and often young’-er’, generation. Fortunately, over the past few decades we have seen a rise in interest for the opinion and certainly the work of women celebrities past the age of forty, at once thought to be the death knell decade for any female actor in Hollywood. Still, there is no denying ageism exists in all fields.

Shields happens to be the creator behind a line of clothing and beauty products called Beginning Is Now created to inspire and unify ladies of all ages, certainly including women of her age. And just this past February, she leveled another blow towards any negative connotations of age when she posed in a body-positive ad campaign for Jordache Jeans S22. Among the many pictures of her wearing the jeans, Shields posed topless (her back to the camera) in a pair. Sure, we are years forward from her infamous teenaged Calvin Klein adds, but the lady showed one can wear jeans, and surely latex couture, well into one’s 5th decade…and beyond.

While looking good might indeed be the best revenge, maybe for Brooke Shields the best revenge is not having to avenge oneself at all.

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