Being WOWED Again: Dawnamatrix Enters the 2018 World of Wearable Art Competition

Proud as we were of attending, competing and winning with our latex outfits in last year’s World of Wearable Art Competition, you can bet we have entered the event for 2018. This actually marks WOW’s 3oth anniversary, so we are even happier (if that is possible) to have submitted for the show this special year.

As the WOW website declares, and we’d have to agree: The World of WearableArt Awards have bedazzled audiences in New Zealand with their magic and ingenuity for 30 years. What began as a small local competition has grown to become WOW, a theatrical spectacle and magnet for extraordinary talent from around the world. That theatrical spectacle is indeed like nothing else seen on any stage, occurring on a huge stage before thousands, with lights and sound (and of course costumes) that lift textile art and design above and beyond any show you have ever seen.

Designers come from over forty countries to showcase their pieces across a multitude of categories, no two outfits the same and all jaw-dropping original. This year WOW will award $170,000 in prize money for designers competing for the Supreme WOW® Award, the Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award, section prizes for for items like Bizarre Bra, the Wearable Technology Award, to name but a few. As you know, last year we won 1st Place with our Labyrinth Gown in the Wearable Technology Category. Our “The Messenger,” created with sculptor Lana Crooks, won 3rd Place in WOW’s Red Category.

Working in the alternative fashion universe of latex design one comes to think one sees lots of interesting and wild wardrobe concepts and renderings…and certainly, we do. But being exposed to the talents and creations at WOW is unlike anything we have ever experienced.

This year an approximated 60,000 people will see the WOW show that takes place in Wellington, New Zealand, Sept. 27th through Oct 14th.

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