And Even More From The World of WearableArt Competition

As the final judging night nears, WOW is making us feel better and better about once again getting our latex designs into their competition…and being picked for the finals. Sure, we go on a bit about the New Zealand-based World of Wearable Art Competition and show, but there really is nothing like it anywhere, and we are so proud to be part of WOW once again.

Vicky Crocker, a Marketing Executive at WOW who works in their Competition & Digital Strategy department, just posted this blog: As you can see, this 2019 “Behind The Design” creative campaign piece, features the WOW “Foreign Bodies” category and as you also can see, Ben and I are featured in the article.

Vicky explains the WOW ethos of bringing together ‘creatives’ from all over the globe. And from this world-wide contribution, WOW looks to bring their audiences the unexpected. This year, in their ‘four planetary homes’ concept, created by WOW’s creative agency Caro Brand Partners, the World Of Wearable Art coalesces their vision into one unique world of unparalleled beauty and textile art design.

Vicky is kind enough to expound on our story; Ben and my personal history, Dawnamatrix’s brand, how we entered WOW first in 2017 (and how our Labyrinth Gown won the Wearable Technology Award.) She goes on to talk about our contribution in 2018, as we made finalist in WOW’s “Under the Microscope Section.” That entry, consisting of three garments, what we called is featured in the pictures Vicky uses in her blog.

Of which we are thrilled.

What WOW has brought to our lives, beyond the fantastic compliment of making it into finals and winning various awards with them, is introducing us across a world stage in ways we could simply have never done. And here, as you will see, they do indeed introduce Ben and me, continuing that idea that is at the core of The World Of Wearable Art, that it is the people who make these WOWable creations that matter the most in the end.

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