State House Exhibition Report

State House Reception Latex Kimono

Dawnamatrix Designs enjoyed a fine reception in the office gallery of Representative Kaufman at the Massachusetts State House on March 10th, 2010.  Our latex kimonos are not only a fashion statement, they are each a work of art.   Please read on for more images and an artist’s statement.

Photos by wD-Boston.

Artist Statement

During my time living in rural Takayama City, Japan, I studied the art of wearing kimono.  I have replaced the classical textiles used to make kimono with latex sheeting, a modern material of natural origin.  Although my graphic design training was computer based I now use this skill to craft wearable art.   Between my materials and my techniques I have modernized the art of kimono making.

The framed works illustrate four legends from the folk traditions of Takayama, along with the seasons they are associated with.  Like an actress in a play, I assume the role of every character in each image.  This was achieved through arranging costumed images of myself into photo montages.  Some of the backgrounds are actual locations in Japan, while others are impressions of places, based on feeling and memory.

Kimono and classical myth are deeply imbedded in Japanese culture.  As an American returning from Japan, my goal has been to interpret these traditions and share them back home. I feel that there is much to be learned from the art and stories of Japan and I wish to be an ambassador of this rich culture.

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