Come to the Kimono: The Dawnamatrix Specialty, on Display In Our Store and in Exhibits.

Our main designer/CEO Dawn lived for many years in Japan and studied Kimono design and wear. To say her study and love of the culture and the unique history- rich garment seeped into her artistry would be an understatement. With this background it is no surprise that after the terrible tsunami of 2011 we held a fundraiser for Japan, managed a kimono performance at the Boston Children’s museum, continue to place our pieces in exhibits and create new Kimono designs all the time.

Latex dress, phoenix, winterwolf studios

A Phoenix Reborn

WinterWolf Studios captures a phoenix rising from the ashes as Jessica Nalley models the Phoenix Gown.

latex kimono, latex samurai, latex fashion

The Latex Samurai

Available in the Web Shop, our latex Kabuki Samurai hood and Hakama pants, as well as a kimono featuring Japanese Crests.  Model: Quills.  Photography by Eyeball Imaging.

latex kimono, rubber kimono, Japanese fashion

WinterWolf Studios Photo Gallery

Rising Sun Kimono modeled by Kelly Eden photographed by WinterWolf Studios. Makeup by Ruby Randall.