Odd Mom Out Let’s Alt. Fashion In

If one loves latex fashion and alternative stylings one can’t help but love Bravo’s Odd Mom Out. Writer/creator/star Jill Kargman has as much skirted round ‘Athleisure’ as she has the “violent and romantic” as was evidenced by this week’s show signature leather harnesses.

Now, how can you not love that!

High and low haute couture meet across almost every character’s wardrobe on this show presently in its 3rd season. A scripted offering on Bravo is a rarity, but Odd Mom Out seems to be holding its own among various Housewives, who frankly, never sport styles this interesting. The vibrant color choices, the bows (one even digitally printed on a shirt) furs, metallic tweeds to leather accordion skirts, to an infamous black leather Scallop Grommer Dress, really add to a style as unique as those of Carrie Bradshaw’s. We even seen some wild accessorizing, one instance with gold dagger earrings.

Costume designer Staci Greenbaum makes Kargman’s vision real. Though those leather harnesses featured in the show Kargman claim her and her husband first saw in Berlin…a city we know is lifestyle rich, fabulous and fetish-y. As Greenbaum explained in a “Today Show” segment, the main character of Odd Mom Out balances between plenty of sartorial duality. From leather and lace, to Upper East Side chic vs. ‘rock and roll chick,’ Greenbaum seems to truly relish all the choices allowed her. Textile art here has included a dress made of lining material as well as tees sporting a skull and crossbones…made of renders of a sunny side-up egg and bacon.

As Kargman has already promised/warned, if we see a 4th season of her show, she and Greenbaum will surely present even wilder fashions.

The wardrobe Of Odd Mom Out has been such a hit that Bravo presents a shop where to buy various clothes from the show (see here: https://www.shopyourtv.com/category/odd-mom-out/)

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