Dawnamatrix & Elephantasia

Elephants and latex couture? Well, at the upcoming London Fashion Week, mighty pachyderms will be walking the runway showing their stuff…and we are part of the show. This year’s LFW hosts Elephantasia, at the Fashion Score venue, where Fashion for Conservation is “funding conservation with the voice of fashion.”

Featuring twenty-one international designers, of which we are proud to say we are one, the elephant will be “interpreted” with haute couture. For a creature with such startling dire stats: 1 elephant dies every 15 minutes; 96 are killed each day; 35,000 are lost annually to ivory poaching. We couldn’t think of a better cause to lend our talents to. The mighty creature will be celebrated at this show as it never has been.

The Elephantasia campaign began its global tour in 2016, and ends next year. Premiering at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016, the show gained worldwide acclaim covered as it was by The New York Times, The Huffington Post and UK Vogue. It was also featured during the US Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017. This event is just one of many campaigns the FFC supports, partnering as they do with over a dozen charities bringing conservation concerns to the fashion world. This year’s Elephantasia collection has been seen in six cities across Europe, with the final presentation to made during LFW on September 18th at 4:30 PM.

Some of the others designers in the show are: Tatiana, Ivory Ella, Annafora, Pratap, Wildlife Direct, Ruke , to name just a few of the designers come from around the world to participate.

As you will see in the picture we here, we made an elephant-inspired wardrobe piece in textured gold latex.  

Our write up on the event page is here. And if you can’t be on hand for the show, you can always shop for conservation, with 30%-100% of all sales going to support The African Wildlife Foundation (see here).

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