The 5th Annual “How to Make It In Fashion Conference”

Round our way we are still glowing over having had the opportunity to talk about our latex clothing making to that group of 13-year-old young women at their fashion design class in New Zealand. Invited by the American Embassy to speak to that class when we were over for the WOW event, we regard that afternoon as a highlight of our trip. Symposiums, one-on-one mentoring, small informal meet-ups are so important for us all to learn, no matter what business you happen to be in.

Hearing about the 5th annual “How to Make It In Fashion Conference” happening 11/3 in New York City, more than ever we wish we could be on hand.

This day-long event features a gallery of speakers from all around the industry tackling very modern day questions about the business off fashion. Attendees will learn about what is currently happening with digital in print, fashion branding and so much more. Notable speakers include Mariah Chase, CEO of Eloquii, Leah Chernikoff the digital director of, James Nord, co-counder and CEO of Fohr Card, and many many more.

There are also one-on-one mentoring session available. Although according to the event’s website, ( they are getting gobbled up fast.

The Whitby Hotel, a super cool hotel, located right around Central Park and the MoMA, is hosting the conference. In that particular area of NYC the fashionable are out in full force, to be sure. The event couldn’t find a better space.

Inspiring up-and-coming designers, and bolstering the dreams of men and women working hard in the industry is good for us all, not just those of us working in fashion. Empowered as we were with the back and forth in that class in Wellington that day (and we learned so much more from those young women than we could ever impart) we just know how attendees and speakers both will be buzzing come the first Friday in November.

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