Miley Cyrus & The SNL ‘Boob Shirt’

Yes, we’ll concede that the attention this time wasn’t on some wonderful latex mini, but surely we celebrate Miley’s ‘boob shirt’ as well as her for wearing it.

Grimes returns (wearing latex) in “We Appreciate Power”

Over the past year Grimes announced across Instagram that she wasn’t going to be releasing any new music “anytime soon,” as she saw it, “the music industry is trash.” She did though collaborate during the year with Janelle Monáe, Poppy and Loona. And of course, her relationship with Tesla’s top man did not go unnoticed. Such public scrutiny does not always the best art make, but Grimes is showing how she’s beating back the odds on staid celebrity with “We Appreciate Power.”

“To Infinity And Beyond,” With Elon Musk’s Fashion Choices

With such media starry-eyed notables like Neil deGrasse Tyson bemoaning the loss of American space adventuring, investors like Musk putting their money where their flight is might spark some real space exploration again. Boeing introduced their own formfitting brightly-colored suit at the beginning of 2017, giving rise to the term ‘Athleisure for space.’