Tengoku Minidress

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Japanese paradise prints inspire the look of this mini’s design.

Japanese paradise prints inspire the look of this mini’s design. Sleeveless with oh-so form-fitting contoured seams, this veritable wearable palette features a startling sweetheart neckline and a full back zipper sealing you in to luscious color as tightly as you desire. As all of our clothing is, the Tengoku Minidress is made of the highest quality imported sheet latex. This high fashion haute couture material envelopes your mysterious curves like a delicate second skin but is still the most durable of materials. A fashion choice like this mini in your wardrobe sends the clear message that you enjoy alternative clothing…and have a penchant for showing off your assests in the most colorful of designs. Choose from a full range of bright colors that will pop to full brilliance. Customize this sexy outfit to both your color choices and your size  .



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 12 in
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