Galaxy Thigh Highs

$ 200.00

Elaborate marbled latex makes for an eye-catching pattern on these stirrup style thigh highs.

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Don’t forget latex care products!


It’s not always convenient to wear a garter-and-stocking set (though we have plenty of luscious ones to choose from) still a lady likes a little variety in her sexy couture. No matter the occasion and no matter what you’re wearing, you’re sure to love this out-of-this-world spin on a classic.

Stockings are one thing…thigh highs something else entirely.

Hug those gams in the high grade material Dawnamytarix uses with our latest Space and Time motif.

Model: Olea Nickitina

MUA: Chill Spa

Hair: Indra Salon

Photography: Kev Cool



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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 12 in