Retro-Futurism Minidress

An outfit just dripping with nostalgia…for the future.

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An outfit just dripping with nostalgia…for the future. Contrast panels and back zip make this one tight sexy latex mini to get in (and out) of. The main color indicates the dresses’ body side panels, the secondary color the unique rounded front panels and those bordering the zipper. The high neck and contoured seams elongate and compliment any figure. A sleek design resplendently rendered in our high quality sheet latex, this is the wardrobe choice for ladies looking to step out in cool subtle style. Mini’s are typically very sexy outfits to be sure, this one more so because of the simple lines of our unique yesterday/tomorrow motif. This sexy dress surely hints at times of futures past and those yet not to be. Customize the outfit by visiting both our color chart and size chart.



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 12 in

Photo Credits

Photography: Kevin Cool, PG Photography
Model: Linedy Ortiz, Kelly Eden