If It’s Happening On The Street, It’s Happening On The Runway

The ‘streetwear’ aesthetic is nothing new of course. But with the much acclaimed Kanye “Yeezy Season 3” show at Madison Square Garden at the just past New York Fashion week, the French label Vetements pieces being seen across runways in France’s capital, Rihanna creating oversized hoodies and “deconstructed” sweats for her Fenty x Puma collection, and fashionista audiences sitting at shows in ripped jeans and tee’s, the time is now for a decided non-haute couture look.

Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 3-Ending

As we have mentioned plenty about this event, it is as much the people as the city that makes Montreal Fetish Weekend so unique. You can as much put on a fashion show the first day-outside!- (see here ) as you can simply get dressed-up in your finest fetish frockery and walk the wonderful Canadian artsy city with a whole bunch of other folks dressed just as wild. Everywhere one goes, inside and out, at MFW events or just along the shops or eateries of the city, one is welcomed, as alt. wardrobe wearers walk alongside everyday folk and pictures are snapped everywhere.

Montreal Fetish Weekend: Behind The Scenes Preparations

Surely when it comes to our latex clothing shoots, runway appearances, new wardrobe announcements even, team Dawnamatrix is working so hard we don’t truly think about, let alone stand back to consider the ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Our models, photographers, hair and make-up people, promoters all simply work in and around a hubbub of activity, but on taking …

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Happening Happenings For The Alternate Wardrobe Lover

A little forward in time (October actually) will see both the one day Erotic Ball 2015 and the London Fetish Weekend. The LFW happens on the first weekend of the month (starting on Thursday Oct 1st actuallyt) and includes the “Camden Crunch,” the first popular social gathering of the weekend, Friday’s Torture Garden’s “Electrowerkz” party at the Slimelight club, Saturday’s London Alternative Market during the day (shopping and demos) and that night’s Club river party aboard the Dutch Master Boat, then Sunday’s Kinky ‘Kodak Moments’ Bus Tour, a Sunday afternoon shop-a-thon and the last party of the weekend

Jean Bardot Interviews Team Dawnamatrix @ Montreal Fetish Weekend

At the past MFW we debuted our Space & Time collection, and finding ourselves in town pre that showing we found ourselves being interviewed on the famous Rue Ste.-Catherine by the wonderful Jean Bardot. As you will see on this video beautiful models walked by showing various Dawnamatrix pieces while Jean and Team Dawnamatrix had a good old jaw. There is Holy Scar wearing the Damask Vest, Nea Dune wearing the Long Sleeved Galaxy Dress Ian wearing the Angel Tank and Shea strutting like royalty in our Queen of Hearts gown

Constantly Considering Your Latex Wardrobe Groove

As these shots of our various Latexclothing will show, putting together an outfit, adding to your ‘look’, or even just fantasizing about what you want to wear, is something that can be easily pieced together (and to be sure, men’s clothing choices can be just as easily ‘considered’ from our wares ). These pictures were taken during the Montreal Fetish Weekend, where people were wearing/considering/enjoying their wardrobes to the fullest, utilizing the lovely model and woman-of-mystery Lalka Dollar Doll of Geneva Switzerland. Lalka walked for us for the debut of our Space & Time collection at MFW 2014 and Philip Faith, our photographer for these photos, has himself ‘considered’ many a fetish avant-garde pose and outfit in his celebrated career.

Space & Time Butterflies Fly Over To Germany To Flutter Across The Lush World Of Posh Fairytale Couture

As you well know our Dawnamatrix Space & Time butterflies have fluttered across the runaway at Montreal Fetish Weekend, sailed to great heights buoyed from applause at the Latex & Lace Winter Fashion Show; just recently they flew across to Germany. We provided our garments for a shoot with notable headdress designer and makeup artist Rachel Sigmon of Posh Fairytale Couture. German photographer Sonja Saur shot model Luthieen (as these photos attest) in a perfect collaboration of our butterfly latex and Rachel’s beautiful and sculptural headdresses.

The Dawnamatrix Runway @2014 Montreal Fetish Weekend Video Is Here

Looking back at this video shot by André Rousseau, featuring models Mira LaFleur – Alt Model, Kerri Taylor, July August Model, Marina Igorevicz, Holy Scar, Crimson Heavens , Carl-Andre Gerard, Nea Dune, Veronique Marcoux, Naida Black, with their hair and MUA expertly rendered by Eva Guida, it is amazing how quickly I can recall all the wonderfully sexy details of those three days by just looking at this great runway showing we had. I can literally feel that warmth and acceptance from the enthusiastic audience all over again.

Miley Cyrus & Bondage Chic

Miley is a young woman seemingly hell bent on twerking her way to a Disney disconnect. We have all seen her consistent Instagram posts, her provocative (and very ‘stripped down’) videos and live performances, but this week the 21 year old singer sported a Tom Ford-designed creation of sheer top with crisscross sequin straps just covering her breasts and a long black skirt. Fashion fans and critics jumped on the look, describing the outfit as ‘bondage inspired’ (as if even any of us know what that means really) and Miley got tons of mileage from the pics of her at the event.
We have strategically strapped halters, revealing cleavage tops, and a goodly amount of sheer and transparent panels (see here , here and here) but we dare think that the fetish/kink/whatever-inspired seems to be is in the eye of the wearer when it comes to mainstream couture. Interestingly enough, at this same gala, fetish model queen Dita Von Teese was sporting a simple satin head-to-toe length satin gown with no hint of any alternative wardrob-ing. How’s that for fashion irony?

Dawnamatrix @ The Boston Latino Fashion Expo

At the Boston Latino Fashion Expo we had the singular pleasure of presenting what we felt (and were told later) was a truly unique couture line, thrilled that our new Space and Time Collection found the warm reception that it did. Let’s face it, Latex Couture is not not everyone’s taste, and to see our latest wares garner such positive reaction, far and away from the likes of a Montreal Fetish Weekend or the like, is very heartening indeed.

What Dawnamatrix Did On Our Summer Vacation: Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014, Part 1

    As we have been hinting for a few months now, Dawnamatrix not only attended the Montreal Fetish Weekend 8-27th to 9/1, but we premiered our new “Space and Time” line there. It was a glorious fun-filled fantasy fetish runway outing Saturday night, with the crowd in attendance truly grooving on our new wares. …

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