Considering Latex Leggings

When you create latex couture, you are aware of rendering new designs, maybe creating a unique accessory, and, of course, surfing trends that either suit you or not.

Fractal Heart Leggings

Leggings with contoured outseam, front zipper, and laser cut applique fractal hearts at lower legs. Pictured in main color black with secondary color white.  Shown with our Fractal Heart Jacket, sold separately.

Fractal Heart Leggings 2.0

Leggings with contoured outseam, front zipper, and laser cut applique fractal hearts at outseam. Pictured in main color black with secondary color pearlsheen blue.  Shown with our Fractal Heart Long Sleeve Shirt and Fractal Heart Peplum Belt, sold separately.

Galaxy Leggings

Sleek galaxy leggings with seamless outer curves featuring our exclusive latex.    

Scale Leggings

Textured latex scale leggings in your choice of color; these truly are one of those accessories that’s pretty much a must-have. It’s as if you are wearing a sleek second skin when you slip yourself into these. It’s fun to show-off your legs by encasing them in such sexy latex. The specific patterning here makes …


Basic Leggings

High waisted leggings featuring seamless outseam in your choice of color.

Liquid Leggings

Standard waistline leggings with seamless outer curves and liquid effect at bottom cuffs. First color choice indicates main color. Second color choice indicates contrast cuffs. Pictured in pearlsheen purple with transparent natural cuffs.

Contrast Leggings

Low-rise leggings with contrast ankle details.

Leopard Leggings

Classic leggings featuring our exclusive textured latex.

Sakura Illusion Leggings

Our Sakura Illusion Leggings feature a clear panel that gives the illusion of briefs and thigh-highs while still giving full leg coverage.

Empress Leggings

Sleek leggings with seamless outer curves and back pocket details featuring our exclusive textured latex .Pictured in Semi-Transparent Grey with Silver Dragon Scales Photography: Kevin Cool Model: Harley Quinn

It’s All About Gucci

The love parade is just one of many celebrations the design house is holding for its 100 anniversary.

WW84 Couture

Anticipating the usual PVC, latex, and the classic semi-skirt, sleeveless chest-plate, and boots, cosplayers and fans of the newly released Wonder Woman 1984, might be in for a surprise when it comes to the movie’s costumes. Yes, the superhero/bad guy duds are in abundance, but one could argue that costume designer Lindy Hemming brings even …


A Happy Dawnamatrix Halloween

With the ultimate dress-up day a mere four days away, let’s consider, latex couture and your Halloween dressing-up.

Bieber, Jenner, Ruensumran & The Met

When it comes to the world of lace, leather, lingerie, and certainly latex stylings, we are forever on the hunt for interesting news.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Non-Stop Latex Assault

Latex lovers have so much to thank our modern-day divas for. We’ve been reporting for quite a few years how Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry have been rockin’ latex couture (sometimes wearing Dawnamatrix latex pieces) seemingly every time they step out.

Kim Kardashian wears Balmain latex to a sunday service

Who says you can’t wear latex to a ‘formal’ event? We have plenty of alternate haute couture choices in our catalog. And managing a quick look through our wedding collection, anybody can see that we can as much create bespoke latex gowns as provide something ‘off-the-rack’ for that most important of days. As far as …


Part 3: 2019 (and the past decade) Fashion Statements (and Questions?)

In our continuing coverage of past couture moments from 2019 and this decade, be they latex couture or not, here are some “fashion statements” and ‘questions’ both. Although we have been known to sell latex thongs, does anyone recall introducing their “Basic V Neck Ruched Front Thong Bodysuit” this past year? The ‘front thong’ …


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John: Grease Couture Redux

Although neither was wearing any latex couture, still, we can’t ignore that the costumes John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John wore at the finale of Grease iconic. In their matching leather jackets and John’s stunning (and tight) black silk leggings, when “Sandy” surprises “Danny” at the school fair at the end of the movie, she hits back at …


Clare Waight Keller Dares With Latex

“Latex slips into mainstream haute couture at Paris Fashion week.” How’s that for a headline? But it’s true. Last time we wrote about Louis Vuitton and the Michael Jackson controversy, sad as that all is. But his time we have something much more positive to report from Paris.

Fractal Heart Peplum Belt

A latex belt with structured peplum featuring fractal heart applique. Pictured in main color black with secondary color pearlsheen blue.  Shown with our Fractal Heart Leggings 2.0 and Fractal Heart Long Sleeve Shirt, sold separately. Necklace not included.

Fractal Heart Long Sleeve Shirt

A long sleeved shirt with high collar and back zipper.  Features our fractal heart applique on sleeves. Pictured in main color black with secondary color pearlsheen blue.  Shown with our Fractal Heart Leggings 2.0 and Fractal Heart Peplum Belt, sold separately. Necklace not included.

Fractal Heart Jacket

A structured jacket in .65mm latex with tails, front zip, and laser cut applique fractal hearts at sleeves and hem. Pictured in main color black with secondary color white.  Shown with our Fractal Heart Leggings, sold separately.

Halloween Trending 2018

The time is nigh for latex leggings, rubber masks and all sorts of scary (and sexy) accessories. Every year at this time a full range of super hero costumes make an appearance, as do naughty nurses, bare-chested cavemen and the ubiquitous ghost, goblin and zombie. Then too we shall see the parade of cartoon fluffy cartoon coverings and bespoke Halloween creations.

Dawnamatrix In The MAC Nicopanda Launch in NYC

. The recent event for the lady’s line was for the launch of the company’s brand new cosmetics, MAC Nicopanda. As you can see from the pictures here, we provided the latex leggings model Jazzelle Zanaughtti was wearing for her appearance. Matching one of our best selling latex accessories with her silver skirt, big sweatshirt and heavy heeled shoes, makes for a modern street fashion look we could never have imagined, but were certainly blown away by when we first saw it.

Invisibility, Anyone?

But what about courting the idea of invisibility with our wardrobe? Exploring that age-old science fiction/fantasy trope of throwing on a piece of clothing, flipping a switch or getting under J.K. Rowling’s “Invisibility Cloak,” stepping unseen throughout day. It seems Engineers at the University of California, Irvine quite possibly have cracked the code on invisibility material.

Dawnamatrix & Shady Bitch Eyewear

Forever championing the empowerment of women (and men too) Dawnmatrix has always been about expressing one’s self through our textile art. Be it transforming, costume play or imbuing the wearer with the confidence to step out feeling as sexy as they ever can, we agree with Shawntil’s’ take on wearer (women with sunglasses in her case) as warrior.

Dawnamatrix Accessorizes Urban/BOHO PUFF Shoot

For us, latex accessories are as important as the shirts, catsuits and full wardrobe pieces we make. The two pictures here feature our latex gloves and our Premium Thigh Highs married with fabric garments shot for a urban/Boho shoot ‘PUFF,’ done locally.

Megan Fox In Latex For Frederick’s of Hollywood

Pretty much a no-brainer match-made-in-heaven, Megan Fox is sporting latex couture in a new campaign for Frederick’s of Hollywood. In latex leggings and booty-bearing body suit, the mother-of-three star of Transformers shows pretty well how pretty well she wears our most favorite material. As the infamous sexy shop’s new Brand Ambassador and creative partner, Maxim’s ‘Earth’s hottest girl’ is perfect to show off these intimate pieces for Frederick’s lingerie spring 2017 campaign.

Solis 2017

Photo DescriptionPhoto DetailsPhoto Description Garments Pictured: Basic Bodysuit, Basic Leggings, Fingerless Opera Gloves Photo Details Photography: Zipperture Photography/ Yuliya Ganenko Rae Retouch: Joao Prado Wardrobe: Latex by Dawnamatrix Designs , Scalemail and chainmail by Squirrel Vs. Coyote HMUA: Dawn Warren Model: Alexis Devine Basic Bodysuit $ 250.00 Select options Basic Leggings $ 150.00 Select options Fingerless Opera ...


WWD December 2016

Photo DescriptionPhoto DetailsPhoto Description Garments pictured: Fingerless Opera Gloves, Lux Bra, Premium Thigh Highs, Wrist Length Gloves, Basic Leggings Photo Details WWD December 2016 Spring 2017 Trend: Little Pink Dresses Photography: Hannah Khymych Stylist: Mayte Allende Model: Carmen Julia Basic Leggings $ 150.00 Select options Fingerless Opera Gloves $ 50.00 Select options Lux Bra $ 120.00 Select options ...


Giger Jacket

A tailored jacket with intricate all-over laser cut details inspired by alien worlds.  Snap closure.  First color choice shown in black. Second color choice shown in pearlsheen silver.  Pictured with Acrylic Amour accessories, Liquid Leggings, and Chakra Gown.

The Future Is Not ‘Exactly’ Now @ The 2016 Met Gala…But Miss Bey Was In Latex!

ABC-TV news announcers wondered over Beyoncé latex gown and how she kept cool in it, as Miss Bey topped the dressers at the Met Gala at the beginning of the week. With co-host Taylor Swift “Goin’ Goth” in mostly black thigh-high strappy sandals and a silver mini and Zayn Malik sporting silvery faux robot arms, lots of celebs were attempting dress to the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” theme of the night. While others, notably Beyoncé, went her own way…in a stunning latex fashion design.

The 3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Latex Look Looking Even Better

Loath that we are to admit it, it sometimes takes a bit more than just buying from a reputable designer making killer alternate couture (we can recommend one of course) to get your latex outfit looking smashing. We as much get customers coming to us ordering custom made wardrobes, as others who want to just grab a pair of leggings right off our site. In all instances we are here to help as much as we can, forever hoping our customers go away happy and come back time and again. But there are also a few suggestions we try to impart at conventions, backstage at runway shows, as much in emails and just in every day gossiping to potential clients and friends that we feel make a latex look look even better.

Latex in Decay: Dawnamatrix meets James Kerwin

James has traveled widely to undisclosed and out-of-bounds locales capturing the decay of often stunning locations for nearly 3 years now. On one of these ‘typical’ outings recently James went out to shoot a series of images for designers in abandoned locations across Europe. In October 2015 this adventurous/adventuring photographer approached us to shoot our latex fashion design in some of these deserted locations. The stunning pictures you see here are the results from a weekend of image making, climbing and driving for James and his two models Jade Stacy Maria & Sadie Ann​.