Dawnamatrix, Katy Perry and U.S. Vogue

Our excitement over Katy Perry wearing out latex couture in the new Covergirl “Plumpify” Mascara commercial continues. We have just learned that a print add from the commercial-showing Dawnamatrix couture-has appeared in a two-page spread in the January 2016 issue of U.S. Vogue.

Dawnamatrix @ Seattle Fashion Week 2016

Seattle’s fashion week showcases what we have always known, but have come to see on a daily basis now living in the Pacific Northwest: there is an impressive cluster of local designers in this area of the U.S. creating unique pieces for a very discerning clientele. Yes, rain proof and warmth are big concerns with couture here, but seeing that Seattle is #8 in the Top 20 US Metros for Fashion Designers, one could guess that people here have come to expect a lot more than just warmth and staying dry in what they wear.

Dawnamtarix @ Seattle Fashion Week 2016

In our world the belted knee-length classic Macintosh trenchoat (or “Mac” as they call it in the U.K…certainly the fashionista there sees lots of rain!) low heeled pointed toe boots and a body conforming dress over leggings keeps the cold and damp at bay. But one shouldn’t forget what we feel will be top trends come the New Year; florals, structure garments and bold colors. Luckily our wardrobe pieces do sport fantastically vibrant colors and deeply rendered textures, all of which we will show with the “bright and impermeable” theme we are planning for SFW runway.

Lady Gaga’s Got The Clothes: American Horror Story Hotel

As one would expect the vampire fashionista that is Lady Gaga’s character, Elizabeth/The Countess, struts round in the premier episode in the most interesting clothes. While she’s not exactly sporting that Lady Gaga latex styling we are so quick to salivate over (yet) she was seen in this past Wed. night in but some yummy cinema couture to be sure. Not only pulled into a corset, Gaga’s cool female vampire stepped out on the town with her lover (actually walked over to a nearby Hollywood cemetery showing the silent classic Nosferatu) in a long red coat with train and later sported silver pasties. Gaga and her lover’s gloves (hers are quite chainmail encrusted) are another delicious horrible accessory of costume designer of AHS Lou Eyrich’s imagining, inspired he claims by Daphne Guinness when creating them.

Montreal Fetish Weekend: Behind The Scenes Preparations

Surely when it comes to our latex clothing shoots, runway appearances, new wardrobe announcements even, team Dawnamatrix is working so hard we don’t truly think about, let alone stand back to consider the ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Our models, photographers, hair and make-up people, promoters all simply work in and around a hubbub of activity, but on taking …


Caitlyn Jenner, ESPYS and that damn sexy Atelier Versace gown

Certainly her appearance at the ESPY”s, the film clip pre-amble it showing Bruce’s Olympic glories, and the commercial for Jenner’s E! show I AM Cait shown post it gives muscle to the critics who claim this was all done for publicity. Still one can’t help be stirred by a speech where C.J. simply whittled down her point to: “…a very simple idea: accepting people for who they are. Accepting people’s differences.”

It Ain’t Got That Latex Swing, Without Wonderful Models Doing Their Thing

Modes Anne Ashe (she is the brunette) and Meadow Bosworth (blonde) had their hair and makeup done by Jessie Campbell, for a shoot by the wonderful Paul Allan. Anne is modeling our Butterfly Mermaid Gown https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/dresses/butterfly-mermaid-gown/ Meadow one of our classic underwire bras and dragon fin collar. https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/classics/underwire-bra-2/ https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories-m/dragon-fin-collar-2/

All The News That Kinda Fits: The Katy Perry Sundress Controversy, RiRi For Puma and Some Calvin and Skin From Kendall Jenner

Colorful and cute, you say (and yes, we are down with flowers adorning dresses, see here…) surely, but some folks take the flowers to be a statement of support for the Sunflower Student Movement (this is a group of students who have taken to protesting a trade deal between Taiwan and China). Katy has been sporting sunflowers in her Prismatic tour since it began and she did not comment about what she may-or may not have-meant wearing her dress and cape.

A Fashion Week Make Us All Weak

True to her usually news-making wily ways-and giving all us fetish wardrobe wearers a warm feeling while looking at all the mainstream high couture-good old internet breaker Kim Kardashian stepped out during Paris Fashion Week sporting platinum blonde locks, and on one day a strapp-y see thru cage-of-a-dress, on another, latex leggings (with a fur jacket). As we have noted before, Kim seems to be championing the fantasy styles we all love (we have latex leggings here: ) and regardless of how one feels about the curvy lass, one has to applaud her very left-of-mainstream fashion choices.

Bigger, Bolder, Better…for Sports Illustrated?

Models with last names like Benhati, Teigen, Lima are regulars to the Sports Illustrated Annual Swimsuit Issue. But Ashley Graham, the first ever plus-size model to be seen in the infamous issue, will be cutting a historic figure indeed when she appears in the yearly bikini edition hitting new stands next week.

Dawnamatrix and Sharon Stone

With Twiggy ‘returning‘ at 65 to front a “L’Oréal Professionnel” campaign, acting roles for women over 40 gaining accolades at the latest award shows and the obvious allure of ladies like Sharon Stone, beauty is obviously well available and timeless on women of any age, of any station and wearing whatever she damn well pleases…though we couldn’t be happier that Ms. Stone is wearing Dawnamatrix here in L’Officiel Australia’s February 2015 issue.

More Of Dawnamatrix In Japan

In our first blog about our recent trip to Japan we elaborated on a surprise adventure we experienced when entering the country. But there was more to our visit then just team Dawnamatrix being filmed for the T.V. show “Why did you come to Japan? 「Youは何し日本へ?」” . In fact, in what we wrote in our last blog, we stumbled into that show appearance but the real reason we came to Japan this time was to attend the wedding of our friend Masakazu (the groom) to Mayu (his bride.)

Bat Tights

Sleek leggings with seamless outer curves featuring a bat motif.