Welcome To Echo City

The superhero, comic, latex/PVC/alternate costume, sci-fi and fantasy stuff we champion here at every turn can come from a multitude of places. From sexy cosplay queens to steampunk space ships, to George R. R. Martin’s GoT world informed by dragons, windswept locations and not a fair amount of nudity, really what haven’t we seen when it comes to the fantastical? This time around we are expounding on The Misadventures of Echo City Capers kid-positive comic series, and its just begun, Kickstarter campaign.

Created and drawn by illustrator Joe Swarctz and written by Ralph Greco, Jr. the duo’s slapstick-y series follows a bunch of bumbling villains and the series’ hero Nightbat, crisscrossing a comic noir landscape. ‘The City that never sleeps…but takes a nap every once in a while,’ is how Joe and Ralph describe Echo City. In the series (Joe and Ralph have managed to produce three issues of the comic so far, Kickstarter contributions will fund three more and a whole bunch of stuff the duo hopes to get into to further the series) readers enjoy a wide range of characters and a whole bunch of silliness.

Influenced by greats like Buster Keaton, Warner Brothers’ “Looney Tunes” cartoons, Monty Python and the pantheon of good guys and bad from both D.C. and Marvel universes, there’s lots to love in this series created for ages 8-80. As you see here, Joe loves to detail his characters and you will catch classic comic haute couture in the pages of the Echo City Capers. Nightbat in his streamlined suit just right for flying, the over-the-top top hat of Presto Chango, the super spectacular style of overly self-important newscaster Baxter Starr across the 22 pages of each issue there is enough to make any cosplayer, as well as comic lover, happy.

Check out the Echo City Capers Kickstarter page, as much as sail on over to Echo City’s website. Be sure to tell Ralph and Joe that Dawnamatrix sent you.