The MINDFOOD Interview

When it comes to our latex designing WOW, as you know, has ‘kept on giving’ well to us beyond the actual award show. Dawnamatrix has earned awards across various categories in our two years competing in New Zealand’s global fashion show (we have wardrobe pieces being considered right now for our 3rd year at the World of WearableArt), and everything that has happened to us because of the show has been thrilling. Recently we were interviewed by MINDFOOD about the World of WearableArt Show (and quite a bit more) in a piece called “The WOW factor at the World of WearableArt Awards Show.”

Yes, WOW keeps wowing us.

Our work with Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner is mentioned in the extremely flattering article amid an exploration of WOW and what we have done there over the past two years. My particular bio is exposed as well. The piece mentions how living and working in Japan defined my textile art ethos, something I am ever so proud of, especially the influence of Harajuku fashion.

I love expounding on this intrinsic part of my designing, as I feel it is so important and something I don’t get to talk to about all that often.

Also mentioned in MINDFOOD, and something I am glad was, is how the idea of color and latex was so important to me. I love black and white as much as anybody else, but bringing more color to alternate fashion, even in my small way, was so important to me when building the Dawnamatrix brand.

Also mentioned is my schooling at the Pratt Institute, as crucial to me for what I learned in that’s where I met Ben.

The article also delves deep into how we make our latex couture; laser cutting and 3D printing, etc..

Once again, you can find our MINDFOOD interview/article here. We thank them so much for such a flattering look into what we are so happy we can continue to do. And you can order tickets for the 2019 WOW Awards Show (happening 9/26-10/13) here.