The Kontinuing Saga Of Kim Kardashian West and Her Kimono

As we reported just a few blogs ago (see here) Kim Kardashian West named her new shapewear line, Kimono. Pretty much soon after, a full-frontal net backlash ensued over KKW’s seemingly ‘appropriation’ of a Japanese culture couture icon. And as of July 1st, Kayne’s wife gave the Kimono name the heave-ho.
Hoping to enter the undergarment market (which includes shapewear as well as lingerie) expected calculations into the early next decade has this accessory line growing well over to $9o billion in revenue. Arguably, when it comes to reducing visible underwear lines but still maintaining shape control, companies like Spanx are leaders in this field, with celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Rihanna getting into the market with their own lines.
It seems Kim Kardashian is hoping to be a contender too.
But when KKW premiered her new company’s name two weeks ago (she applied for the company’s U.S. trademark a year ago and heard some negative comments then) with the hashtag #KimOhNo the social media outcry began. Mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa, even asked the reality star to change the brand’s name, while plenty more detractors tweeted their dismay.
There are plenty of products unrelated to Kim Kardashian that bare a trademarked using the word Kimono. These include certain pieces of wardrobe, as well as wines. KKW is not the first to have the idea to lift the name of a traditional Japanese garment or is her the first fop pa where the haute couture world has used or alluded to some cultural touchstone or visual. But she certainly is a highly visible celebrity whose every move is particularly scrutinized.
As we reported last time about this story, some quarters are claiming Kim grabbed the name Kimono simply because the first three letters of her first name are the first three in Kimono.