The Incredible Company We Keep: Working With Paul Allan, Yummy Gummy, Jessie Campbell & Cassis Andrea

In lots of creative endeavors collaboration so often informs the end result; it certainly does for us being a latex fashion designer. Playwright, director, and cast. Songwriter, musicians, producer. And in our case model, photographer, stylist and wardrobe creator, we have been happy to boast some fantastic collaborations throughout Dawnamatrix’s history. Just recently we yet again worked with some of the talented people we have collaborated with before, photographer Paul Allan, and the latex designer Yummy Gummy. Also on this shoot were stylist Jessie Campbell and model Cassis Andrea.

Cassis Andrea is wearing two of our latex outfits here. One, the red cheongsam/china dress (here to the right) I collaborated with Yummy Gummy to create. The other piece, the blue bodysuit (below left), is a laser cut piece. These haute couture latex shots were taken when we traveled to Baltimore to shoot our WOW submission with Paul this year.

In Paul Allan’s case, he has shot plenty of models for us wearing so many Dawnamatrix pieces. Based in the Baltimore/Washington area, Mr. Allan often finds himself traveling far and wide to shoot for catalog, website, and ad campaign. The main focus of his art is as a commercial photographer focusing on fashion and beauty images for designers, e-commerce sites, fashion retailers, and the beauty industry.

Yummy Gummy is a UK-based latex maker and designer. We buy colorful sheet latex from them often (as we do from 4D Supatex) and were thrilled to get the chance to collaborate on a design with them. Partnering with anther latex designer to create a piece is not something we do often, but working with Yummy Gummy in this regard, like any other time, was a delight.

As we suspected with the people involved here, the many pictures that came from this shoot were stunning. Here we show off two of them. Thank you to everyone involved.