Noah Cyrus & Kesha Lead Off The Summer stage Latex couture

With music festivals beginning their 2024 summer run in the U.S. as well as in Europe, we were thrilled to find latex fully on display, on stage, at one of the biggest and best gatherings just last week. Kicking off Pride Month in West Hollywood, the Outloud Music Festival boasted an amazing array of talent, with two artists, Kesha and Noah Cyrus showing off their latex love. 

Outloud celebrates “Queer Music, Queer People, Queer Communities” but with Cyrus and Kesha it certainly was also celebrating latex stage couture.

“We R Who We R,” singer Kesha commanded the stage in a tight red latex top, with a ribbed chest plate and shoulder pads, high-waisted full panty latex ‘hot pants’ and gloves. She accessorized her shiny red outfit with black thigh-high boots.

Wearing a full-length silver latex gown, Noah Cyrus took the stage at Outloud. Sister of Miley though she is, Noah has as much carved out her own musical path as rocked plenty of latex couture in her appearances, be they on red carpets, just stepping out, or, as she did here at Outloud, on stage.

From ‘old school rockers like Neil Young, out with his band Crazy Horse, the ‘newer’ acts like Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny, to the seemingly never-ending massive global-wide assault of Taylor Swift music fans can find pretty much all they want for summer 2024. And let’s not forget Mick Jagger and company blowing the roof off stadiums as the Rolling Stones roll through the country. And if anybody has a sure starting sartorial edge, it would be Mick Jagger…who pretty much all the above artists and more owe a great debt of stagecraft to.

With all this varied talent out and about, we can surely expect lots more interesting stage costumes and hopefully, plenty more latex couture.

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