More Art From Fashion is Art

A few blogs ago we wrote about all the latex runway fun we had at the Fashion is Art show at the Tacoma Art Museum. We had a few pictures from that event to showcase at the time, but more have now been released (with pictures of artwork as well), and we are happy to share them now.

As we’ve previously explored, it was our pleasure to reveal some of our wardrobe designs at this meeting of fashion and art that featured seven designers from across the Pacific Northwest. Of course, we have always viewed what we do as textile art, but to be among this crowd, and all under the production of Fashion District NW, we got to show off our creations in a unique environment under an equally unique ethos.

Of the pictures right here (and at the end of this blog) you will see the distinct imprint of photographer Jared Ribic. He decided to create some artwork in addition to the photos he snapped of our stuff. 

It’s especially thrilling when one work comes from another. Admittedly, we are all influenced by what we do by what we see, hear, taste, and smell around us daily. But in the case of this artwork, you see a direct correlation to what was presented to what was created.

Dare I say one inspired the other?

We want to give a special ‘shout out’ to all the artists who created great works of art from the show (unfortunately we don’t have the space to show all of their work). They are Amy Stone, Dominic Gomez, Drawing Blueberry, Michelle Osborne (that’s Michelle Osborne’s work at the upper left of this blog), Sydney M. Pertl, Veronica Lynn Harper. We mustn’t forget Gene Juarez for her artistry that day with hair and makeup, and once again need mention Jared Ribic.

What a sweetly artistic way to recall such a perfect day.