Miley Cyrus Has A Red Latex Day In “Mother’s Daughter”

Although we have seen her lead often with her tongue, in her new video for her song “Mother’s Daughter,” Miley Cyrus is putting latex couture front and center.

For the intro track to her new EP, She Is Coming (which Cyrus ‘dropped’ two months ago) ex-Hannah Montana is presenting her new visuals for this new project. A boppy little ditty about female empowerment, the video stars a host of models, activists, and performers. From a breast-feeding Melanie Sierra, skateboard star Lacey Baker, to model Vendela in her own see-thru latex bra to transgender models Casil McArthur and Aaron Philipand. Miley’s momager Tish Cyrus is seen here also, sipping tea with her daughter later on in the video, the pair adorned in the haute couture of Chanel. Along the way we get messages flashing around and even across the bodies of the ladies, “every woman is a riot,” and “not an object,” appear among others. But it’s the skintight red latex jumpsuit Miley sports in the super sexy clip that is the clip’s costume centerpiece.

Accessorized with red shield sunglasses (and at times a see-thru red visor) it’s the silver-studded vagina dentata clipped to her crotch that really catches the eye. This is certainly one video you can watch with the sound off but still get the gist of to be sure. Here is a very aggressive Cyrus, no matter if she’s dressed in that scary latex one-piece, that Chanel wardrobe she later sports or even latex lingerie or golden warrior armor she sports while brandishing a sword atop the gold back of a horse.

Miley Cyrus has never been one to run from startling sexy images. She has courted controversy pretty much ever since transitioning from a Disney star to a true pop force to be reckoned with. In “Mother’s Daughter,” she seems once again to be rallying her fans as much as poking the sensibilities of those who have already found this video offensive.

Either way, the latex here rocks!