MARQUIS MAGAZINE’S 25th Year Anniversary Issue

A long supporter of latex couture, alternative fashion in general, alternative lifestyles, fetish events, art, and just about everything anybody could ever hope to get into across the globe Marquis magazine has been the go-to publication for so many of us. Now the magazine presents the # 67th issue in its run, marking this Marquis 25th anniversary release. It’s also the issue its editor is calling “a great farewell to the fetish scene.”

Marquis issue number 67 features sixteen additional pages (148 in total) than its usual page count. The latex imagery inside features models Dita von Teese, Elisanth, Kato, Starfucked, and Zlata. There is art by Olivia de Berardinis and Colin Christian, and fetish celebrity pieces with photos and interviews. Dawnamatrix is proud to announce that we have some images of our wardrobe in this special issue, specifically from our last show at America’s Car Museum and the Tacoma Art Museum. We have enjoyed a relationship with Marquis that goes back quite a ways and are thrilled to have made such a special issue.

The 25th-anniversary magazine is edited by Peter W. Czernich, the man behind Marquis for many years. As he cautions, this issue could be the very last of Marquis, so it’s worth gobbling it up just in case. Marquis and Czernich have certainly seen some big changes in the past few years, and nobody really knows what the future of the magazine will be. Of course, we hope Marquis goes sailing into a long sexy sunset, with all of us enjoying many more issues to come.

As always, the 25th Anniversary # 67 issue of Marquis features a glossy cover (see the picture below) is printed on heavy fine art paper, and has a perfect binding. The magazine, as well as many other Marquis products can be bought here.