A Latex Wedding-Part 2, Pre & Post The Wedding And Reception

So, let’s talk about pre and post-wedding latex wear. Yes, we will get to the wedding night, but if you can stay salivating for the moment 😊, let’s first address the pre-wedding possibilities, in the form of the bachelorette party and the after-wedding party.

Ever more complicated and longer than a traditional girl-only bar-hopping evening or tea-time afternoon, bachelorette parties of yore, brides-to-be are now celebrating bachelorette parties sometimes for whole weekend destination get-togethers. Surely the main lady here, her bridesmaids, and friends can partake of any kind of latex couture during the revelry. Anything from a sexy latex skirt to a latex bra can serve a lady well during a crazy one-night out or include in one’s full wardrobe for a weekend (or longer) of partying. 

As detailed here: The Complete Wedding After-Party Planning Guide You Need (theknot.com), is a newer post-reception wedding trend. It’s a party full of food, drink, and often usually a theme, paid for (again usually) by the bride and groom. As a much more casual affair, sometimes even happening at a different location than the reception, all the folks invited to the reception are traditionally invited to this wedding after-party…but surely the population here is smaller than at the reception. 

And as you can expect, a whole new party gives anyone the excuse to don a whole new wardrobe. And this could easily be latex.

Lastly, might we gently turn your eye to our massive latex lingerie selection? Adding extra special attention to a night brimming with the most extra special attention any couple could ask for, latex accessories here or full outfits of latex undergarments will sure add spice to the newly married couple’s later private one-on-one last-of-the-evening, wedding ‘reception-ing’.

So, be it before, during, after, and then well after the wedding, as this week’s blogs attest, latex is appropriate for the modern-day wedding in so many ways.

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