Haus of Gaga/Las Vegas exhibit opens at the Park MGM Hotel Las Vegas

Creating latex couture as we do, we are always interested in some wardrobe piece or style catching the cultural zeitgeist. Sometimes attention is sparked as much from the outfit as from the person who wears it. This killer combo, of super-celeb and dynamite alt. outfit has been mined often by Lady Gaga; wearing her ‘meat dress’ at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, was something none of us are soon to forget. That dress and plenty of other of the singer’s signature styles that have made the news and we’ve feasted our eyes over are on display for the first time in Las Vegas.

As of May 30th, the Little Monster’s main momma began presenting her museum-like costume, clothes and accessories exhibit at the Park MGM Hotel, in Las Vegas. This Haus of Gaga/Las Vegas display sits adjacent to the Park MGM Hotel’s Park Theater where Lady Gaga currently performs the second leg of her “Enigma” residency.

In a press release, Haus of Gaga exec Nicola Formichetti said this new exhibit was to be an “ever-changing experience featuring Lady Gaga’s most iconic fashion pieces from her personal vault spanning more than to years of cultural, musical and fashion reinvention.” In addition to the infamous ‘meat dress’ one can also view Gaga’s “cigarette shades” from her “Telephone” music video, two Versace pieces (a gown she wore to the 2012 presidential inauguration and then five years later her Super Bowl bodysuit), and an “A Star is Born” outfit. There are also wigs and headpieces featured and even one of the lady’s Golden Globe awards.

Something, it seems, for all Lady Gag fans or even those with only a passing interest in the pop superstar.

This Haus of Gaga/Las Vegas display is open from 12 pm to 8 pm daily, stretching to midnight on the nights that Lady Gaga performs.