DAWNAMATRIX’S ‘Foreign Bodies’ To Be Featured In WOW’s ‘Out Of This World’ campaign.

I’m not sure if I can point to any other circumstance, event, or organization that has been as consistently giving to our latex designs as the World of Wearable Art. You have read often in this blog, beyond us bragging about winning the awards we have in the past two years from WOW (and attending the fabulous show two years ago) how the New Zealand-based organization continues to feature Dawnamatrix wardrobe pieces in their press, in their museum, in their touring show. We just got word that WOW is featuring our Foreign Bodies pieces in their new ‘Out Of This World’ campaign.

There is a photo shoot planned to take place in Wellington in two weeks (the 10th of June to be exact) based around the concept of “seeing WOW in unexpected places across Wellington’s “worlds” of shopping, culinary and the arts,” as we were just told. The plan is for our Foreign Bodies to appear within an art gallery space after the shoot. Photos and video will be coming soon, and we will share those here when we get them

At last year’s WOW Awards, we submitted our Foreign Bodies wardrobe in the competition’s Under The Microscope category. We came away with the ‘International Award: Overall Winner, International Award: Americas Winner, Under The Microscope Category – 2nd Place.’ Thrilled by this recognition of our haute couture interpretation of nanotechnology, we never thought we’d see the such a continued consideration of our bulbous red and white bouncy blood cell-like latex bodices. But WOW brings us, yet again, another thrill over our work.

As mentioned here a few months ago, we have contributed to WOW for the third year running and hope to catch the judges’ attention with our latest. But we are as much winners winning awards with World of Wearable Art, as being considered consistently in all that they do.