Dawnamatrix Makes A Showing In A New World of WearableArt Promo Video

There is no denying the love WOW shows for us and our latex designs. Although the results of the 2019 finals aren’t out for another few weeks, the World of WearableArt has released a promo video displaying how intriguing characters can pop up around Wellington, New Zealand in the most unexpected places. See it here. At the end of the video, in the art gallery, you will see The Nanocell wardrobe piece from our 2018 award-winning entry in WOW’s “Foreign Bodies” category make an appearance.

Celebrating the over 37 trillion cells in the human body, championing the burgeoning nanotechnology field that might very well give us unlimited access to these trillions of cells, we created The Nanocell. Last year we took home the International Award: Overall Winner, International Award: Americas Winner, Under The Microscope Category – 2nd Place with that design. Our first year at WOW, we picked up the 1st Place Wearable Technology award with our Labyrinth Gown and 3rd Place in the “Red” category with The Messenger.

The range of alternative couture designs one sees at WOW is astounding. Coming as they do from entrants from around the globe (40 countries), there is such a wealth of influences that make it into what’s seen each year. It must be a Herculean task for the WOW judges to sift through all the stuff that gets entered and one understands why there are multiple categories and why the final picking is such a painstaking process.

The actual WOW show is unlike any performance/award event. When we attended the first year, we were amazed at the size of the arena as well as the production of the show. Having provided latex costumes and accessories for big live performances (outfitting Beyoncé’s dancers at a VMA’s comes to mind) and of course having seen our share of Cirque du Soleil-like shows, like most people we are familiar with the marriage of staging, sound, and costumes. But WOW wowed us for sure…and not just because that first year when we won the Wearable Technology Award, we got to step up on that huge stage.

Whatever happens this year, we are proud to be part of the WOW experience and thank them, once again, for the love they have continued to show Dawnamatrix.