Heidi Klum Thrills For Halloween

As the All Hallows descended the amount of lace, latex, rubber clothing and PVC that adorned the faithful was, as always, impressive for even us fetish clothing fans. Once again though celebrities seemingly out did us all…or just got lots of press and Instagram pictures over what they wore. Kim Kardashian managed to pull off a spot-on Cher, and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams dressed as the Statue of Liberty (and fainted live on her show overcome by the heat of the costume). But Heidi Klum out-celeb-ed her fellows, as she seems to do every year, in a perfect recreation of an iconic get-up.

One might recall the 44-year-old super model bringing along five ‘clones’ last year to her annual Halloween party. The ‘Heidis’ flanking the real Heidi in 2016 had been enhanced with prosthetics to look eerily like Klum. This year, Heidi Klum upped-the-ante on the prosthetics to what we’d all have to consider is the high-water mark in costume design. At her 18th annual Halloween party held at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Moxy Times Square, Heidi dressed as Michael Jackson’s super scary werewolf from “Thriller.”

Managing furry ears, fangs and even M.J.’s red and yellow ‘letterman’s jacket’ from the video that pretty much broke the color barrier on MTV, Heidi gave her fans a peak of her six-hour preparation across Instagram. During one of the many posts she revealed the hardest part of the whole process when she wrote: “Today is easy, my shoes are easy, and Michael’s loafers with some nice scrunchy socks, but the teeth are a little hard.”

Heidi also managed a recreation of Michael Jackson’s infamous “Thriller” dance sequence. At her party she was joined by such notables as Mike Meyers, Ice T. and Zac Posen, to name a few.

Heidi killed as she trilled for Halloween this year.