Game’s Game Changer: Loot Train Battle

Although it could have been the perfect scene for some steampunk latex, “The Loot Train Battle” from Game of Thrones the other night seems to be a game changer as far as H.B.O., cable, and all of fantasy fandom is concerned. If you caught the sequence, it was hard not to be stirred by Emilia riding Drogon over the Los Barruecos location, no matter whose side you happened to be rooting for. Special FX’s, expert camera shooting and set-up (as explained in detail in this behind-the-scenes video from H.B.O.) and so much fire Production Designer Deborah Riley called it the “right amount of burn” arguably this was a high-water mark moment of a show that is all about startling moments.

Certainly, we were looking out for the costume designs, as we have since the inception of this series. During the battle here though it was less exactly what characters were wearing and more how what they were wearing moved with the scene. Those long-sleeved red tunics, face-plate helmets, high-neck jackets, all stuff we have seen throughout the series, serves characters as much simply walking through castle rooms as it does when they are moving swiftly in battle scenes.

The very bottom of Emilia’s tunic flapping atop Drogon was especially effective.

A specific accessory built for this scene was a boot for the Dothraki saddles, so they could stand up-as they did ever so dramatically-to shoot their arrows.

Executive Producer and writer here, David Benioff, describes the Loot Train Battle as a western feel with a dragon thrown in. Certainly nobody is wearing western gear and here the factions were not as cliché as the old Cowboys vs. Indians but the grand scope of the run, plus Drogon spitting fire, certainly made for action that simply never stopped. Using eco-friendly black dye, several forms of ash, drone cameras, “green screens,” 27 wagons and probably the best fantasy haute couture ever presented on television, the Game of Thrones Loot Train Battle took our breath away.

And we are sure, yours as well.