Dawnamatrix Finalist At The WearableArt (WOW) Awards Show

As we mentioned back in March (see here) we were working on latex designs with artist Lana Crooks to submit for the WearableArt (WOW) Awards Show. We just found out that two of our garments have been selected as finalists for the show that takes place in Wellington, New Zealand in September.

Our “Labyrinth Gown,” created in collaboration with Ben Gould was picked in the “Aotearoa” category. It is inspired by Maori art and culture. “The Messenger,” created in collaboration with Lana, was picked for the “Red” category.

This year’s WOW competition will feature six categories and the textile art and design creativity of fashion craftspeople from 14 countries. The first judging just took place and we were notified that these two designs of ours will be shown, on stage, during the September show, a show that usually pulls in an audience of more than 60,000 strong!

As its name implies, the haute couture chosen here is about much more than what will simply drape the body or looks good on a model traipsing down a runway. WOW considers “wearable art” for their show, as much judging by the design of the piece as how it moves with the wearer’s body as much as how it exists as its own piece of art.

For us to first be able submit to WOW was thrilling (and a little bit intimidating). Now, incredibly, to be recognized by them, from so many contributors, and to be able to show our wares to an international audience of this size, is simply amazing. We are humbled to be in such talented company, really.

The World of Wearable Art exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture had such an impact on us all here at Dawnamatrix Studios. This fusion of art and costume was what I had been searching for and now that we have made it to this point all I can say is thank you all for following me in this journey.

Let’s see what September brings.