Celebrating Model Monique Charriere

Over at The Fetishistas web portal (see here) there is a cover story on one of the top latex clothing models in the business, Monique Charriere. We keep up with The Fetishistas, reporting as it does on a wide range of international alternative lifestyle happenings and wild styles. This latest report is a tribute to Monique and the sad circumstances around her dying just this past June, in Bulgaria, the country of her birth. Less expounding on the circumstances of this stunning lady’s death, pushing off from The Fetishista tribute, we can certainly come to appreciate how this world class alternate model made such an impact in only thirty three years on the planet.

Monique traveled the world for runway work, print shoots, videos and films. She appeared at the German Fetish Ball, as a cover girl for The Fetishistas original site, and worked on two films with Amsterdam filmmaker SG Collins. She also worked with Savage Wear, and posed for Peter Czernich, to name just a handful of her many credits.

She is probably best known for her work with the high end latex artistry of Katja Ehrhardt and High Gloss Dolls.

We have seen models come and go. Tiring of events and touring, trying to keep their figures trim to squeeze into a latex skirt or just to stay in the mad game of keeping up Twitter accounts or worrying about daily posts across Instagram. And in the world of making a living show yourself, in this day and age one must show themselves all the time, across as many mediums as possible, to what is probably, at the best of times, an intense scrutiny. Whatever Monique Charriere’s demons, whether she grew tired of the world of modeling or simply things we cannot determine, what is known is that the woman managed some high-end haute couture artistry in her day and we are all the better for the legacy she leaves.