Cars And Couture Fashion Show Video

We told you about how we recently enjoyed the unique meeting of our latex clothing and cars at The 2017 Cars And Couture Fashion Show. Before the show on July 22nd, we blogged about the preparations (here) and then after (here) about what a great time we had. But you know the old axiom that “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well we now have video of our specific ‘runway’ moment, across the shiny floor of LeMay America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, amidst the crowd and cars.

The rundown of wardrobe pieces we presented this day (and the models who wore what) were as follows: Vlada Davidian wore our White Latex Suit, while Jessica Kilpatrick strutted in one of our Silver Bodysuits. Anela Naiara sported it up, specifically perfect we thought for these surroundings, in our Red Biker Jacket, while Lativa Green-Morris took on more feminine haute couture in our Black Peplum skirt accessorized with Red Gloves. Again, considering the day and surroundings, we had Erika Foster dressed in an Orange Racing Suit.
Meenal Darak wore a Yellow Jacket, Peyton Severson a Palm Green Dress, Tracy Diep a Pearlsheen Shamrock Dress and Sabrina Osborn was in blue. Aaleah Taylor wore plum, Madilyn Padlowski a dress of rainbow color and lastly Nicole Eisman wore a Checkerboard Skirt and Cape.

We love presenting our pieces in non-traditional fashion show spots. Inside or out, down a delineated runway, across cobblestones, in the wide expanse of a Car Museum, serpentine through hot cars, the intersection of fashion and culture is what we are all about. Pushing the boundaries of our textile art, being revealed to folks who might not normally get to see what we do, enjoying different artistry and approaches, this is really where our work has taken us and we are so thrilled for opportunities like the Cars and Couture Show.