The Continuing Misappropriations of Kendall + Kylie

Kendall + Kylie are at it again…and they’re not even wearing some shocking latex outfit to court controversy! Most recently it was the sisters’ company being called out for using Tupac, Biggie and Redman images without permission. Now photographer Al Pereira has filed a new lawsuit against Kendall Jenner, Inc. for ‘appropriating’ those images he […]

marquis and dawnamatrix-cropped

Peter W. Czernich’s Unleashes His Beauties

Once again gorgeous ladies, latex couture and lots of other alternate wardrobe is on display as seen through the eye of Peter W. Czernich. In his “Fetish Beauties” photo exhibition, the man known as the brains behind Marquis Magazine, is presenting his unique prints and books at the Etienne’s Art Galerie in Luxemburg at the […]

Guyette book-cropped

Celebrating Charles Guyette

And while we have all heard names like Klaw, Burtman, and Page in context with what was considered alternative fashion modeling and picture taking, there are still plenty more men and women who paved the way for the Jean Paul Gaultier’s, the Alexandar McQueen’s, and even those iconic images of Hatstand, Table, and Chair we […]

Handmaiden Perry cropped

Katy Perry Feeds The Hand That Feeds

One expects a VMAs host to be entertaining and even outrageous. With Katy Perry at the helm for this year’s show, home viewers as well as the famous in-house audience members had to expect wild (and many) wardrobe choices from the hostess. And Katy Perry did not disappoint with her haute couture array, as she […]


“To Infinity And Beyond,” With Elon Musk’s Fashion Choices

With such media starry-eyed notables like Neil deGrasse Tyson bemoaning the loss of American space adventuring, investors like Musk putting their money where their flight is might spark some real space exploration again. Boeing introduced their own formfitting brightly-colored suit at the beginning of 2017, giving rise to the term ‘Athleisure for space.’

Loot Train Attack 1-cropped

Game’s Game Changer: Loot Train Battle

The Loot Train Battle” from Game of Thrones the other night seems to be a game changer as far as H.B.O., cable, and all of fantasy fandom is concerned. If you caught the sequence, it was hard not to be stirred by Emilia riding Drogon over the Los Barruecos location, no matter whose side you […]