Minaj À Trois

Minaj À Trois Breaks The Internet

Seeing that Kim Kardashian didn’t break anything on her own cover of this same magazine three years ago, Nicki Minaj will probably not break anything either. But boy is the lady always upping the ante on what she might do and how she comes to wear latex and other alternate fashions to pretty much make […]

Stove Top Pants

Stove Top, Rita Ora and The Warriors of Themyscira Provide Fun Fashion Fodder

Moschino finally released their transparent garment bag “Cape Sheer Overlay Dress” to the retail market this week. The plastic dry-cleaner’s bag is part of the ‘trash-collection’ the designer debut at Fall 2017 Milan Fashion Week. The clear full length gown is selling for $900.00, while a mini version sells for $600.00.

Minaj & Wang

Style At The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

With next year’s Met Gala theme just officially confirmed, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” it’s is obvious these celebrity fashion events, competitions, fashion shows and galas, all look to make significant contributions. The influence and expose the fashion world, as they do culture on a grand scale, with everyone watching, posting and posing. […]

BHI# 06-089 Fall 06 Campus Coverage

A Pratt Tribute

To see our wardrobe pieces adorn the likes of Katy Perry or featured in magazines throughout the world, is also an honor and thrill. And then just to hang out with our fellow fashion fashionistas, as much admiring their work as being complimented on ours, rewards us in ways we can’t describe. But to be […]

heidiklum thriller teeth

Heidi Klum Thrills For Halloween

Once again though celebrities seemingly out did us all…or just got lots of press and Instagram pictures over what they wore. Kim Kardashian managed to pull off a spot-on Cher, and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams dressed as the Statue of Liberty (and fainted live on her show overcome by the heat of the […]

How To Make It In Fashion logo

The 5th Annual “How to Make It In Fashion Conference”

Inspiring up-and-coming designers, and bolstering the dreams of men and women working hard in the industry is good for us all, not just those of us working in fashion. Empowered as we were with the back and forth in that class in Wellington that day (and we learned so much more from those young women […]

Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread

A Phantom Thread Unravels Around Daniel Day-Lewis

One certainly won’t be bothered by a little less latex clothing (or no latex at all) if Daniel Day-Lewis is on screen. The trailer for his latest (and supposedly his last) film, “Phantom Thread” sees the enigmatic actor pairing once again with director Paul Thomas Anderson. The trailer for this period sartorial romance dropped just […]


Samantha Bolton meets Katy Perry

K.P. super fan (one of the legion of “Katycats” who attend multitude Perry shows and dress in homemade outfits based on their favorite singer’s classic looks) Samantha Bolton drove over eight hours for a Perry show in Kentucky. She was also wearing a dress she designed made of more than 3,000 rhinestones for her planned […]

Katy Perry Swish Swish Jacket

Dawnamatrix Outfits Katy Perry @The Barclays Center

Katy Perry performed at the arena on Oct 11th and in keeping with their tradition of making each gift different and personalized to fit the artist, Barclays Center wanted something custom and memorable that really would stick out for Katy. They wanted something the pop star would really love, and something that also represented Brooklyn. […]