Marchesa 1

Georgina Chapman and Marchesa Get To Business

Being the soon-to-be ex-wife of Harvey Weinstein certainly could invest all manner of bad press on Georgina Chapman and her brand. In fact, in what has been revealed of her husband’s alleged abuses, it seems at times he threatened to black-ball actresses if they failed to wear his wife’s clothes across various red carpets. Still […]

L’Oreal’s Elvive

L’Oreal’s One Two Punch With Winona Ryder & David Beckham

Starring Winona Ryder, this one-minute clip of the “Stranger Things” mom has her backstage readying herself in her dressing room. Winona plays with her hair, reads a note card attached to flowers, and studies a script, as a stirring Lea’s Michele’s “Anything Possible,” swirls behind her and the point is made about comebacks. Like it […]


Mariah Carey Rocks New Years With Song And Style

Like all of you, we waited we with baited breath over how Mariah might come across in Times Square this time around. As we all might remember the controversy of her last year attempt when Mariah’s onstage monitors became problematic, at best, during her two-song attempt of “Auld Lang Syne,” and her hit “Emotions.” The […]


Speaking For Bespoke In 2018

Don’t worry, you can count on us to keep up. Being part of the alternative fashion universe, and rendering latex especially, we can’t help but recognize the latest of technology as far as textile art and latex clothing making. It’s just the nature of what we do that our clothing is seen in connection with […]

2018 pic

2018 Latex Predictions-Part 2

Then too we have to assume that our best and brightest celebrities, whether they be musicians, models or reality stars, will continue to push their own level of branding as well as stepping-out style. And there too we will see innovations, as we will stutter steps, as truly marvelous wardrobes rise like cream to the […]

Dawnamatrix Kimono

2018 Latex Predictions-Part 1

Looking ahead into 2018 what do you ‘see’ when you consider latex in your life? Are you looking to buy a new latex kimono or might this be the year you finally wiggle your sexy self into come steampunk inspired gear? Are you planning to take in any of a number of those lifestyle events […]

ocean's 8 main

Fashion Friendly Ocean’s 8

In the previous teasers and posted snapped shots from the production of the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie, we have seen so much fashion. Not simply cinema wardrobe but the band of merry (all women) thieves in this movie are fashionably appointed and the plot is set right in the middle of the fashion universe; the […]

Christian Louboutin Star Wars, The Last Jedi shoes

The Force, Feminism and Christian Louboutin

The cosplay possibilities have always been of a high order with Star Wars, although it’s not so often we get to see latex styles in the mix of costuming. Most sci-fi, not just George Lucas’ masterpiece, gives us fans of fantasy and costuming lots to love. With the premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, […]