2017 Her Universe Fashion Show-cropped

The 2017 Her Universe Fashion Show

Yes, the latex costumes do manage to sneak in, but generally it’s a full cornucopia of latex, PVC lace, leather and pretty much anything else you can care to name that makes the cosplay scene. At San Diego’s Comic-Con 2017, attendees are showing up in all kinds of imaginative homemade wear and for the 4th […]


Jennifer Lopez’s “Ni Tu’ Ni Yo”

A latex clothing designer can’t be jealous that out of all the smoking sexy outfits Jennifer Lopez flips around in her new video for “Ni Tu’ Ni Yo” none were made from our most favorite material. The array of costume changes here, how perfect J.Lo looks and the consistent Latin pop heart of the tune […]


A Summer Time Treat That Can’t Be Beat: The Watermelon Dress?

The #WatermelonDress phenomena squished its way into social media frenzy during 4th of July. Ryan Seacrest actually “dropped” a picture on Twitter wearing the watermelon cut out held over a picture of himself a few days before the 4th . But by all accounts, Twitter exploded over the trend during and then following the U.S. […]

Biggie Kendall & Kylie T-cropped

The Jenner T-Shirt Faux Pass

From their Kendall + Kylie clothing collection, the famous Jenner sisters attempted to release what they were calling “vintage” music t-shirts this week. The ladies took to superimposing their K&K logo or their faces (and in some cases, bikini shots) over classic album cover art and music star images. Using pictures from The Notorious B.I.G., […]

cars and fashion cropped

The 2017 Cars & Couture Fashion Show

This country’s youth culture was basically built on hot girls, hotrod cars, and the sexy sleek sensibility of rock and roll. Ever-changing styles in hair, make-up and dress influenced generations. Seeing how latex is becoming so mainstream it’s no surprise to encounter the marriage of great American institutions that the 2017 Cars & Couture Fashion […]