Striped Leopard High Waisted Panty

There really is something to be said about a high-waist cut panty…rendered in latex. Belly-thinning, bottom-hugging, overall figure flattering the full stretch, clutch and grab of this classic makes it the perfect panty for whatever you wear it under. Our leopard print and detailed trim just adds to the uniqueness of the piece. When it …

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High Waisted Panty

Our high-waisted latex panty girdle features smooth contours and figure-flattering shape.

Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” Music Video

From getting the call from stylist team stylist team Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn to provide a latex kimono, our Lux Bra and High Waisted Panty (and other stuff not used in the video) to the actual thrill of seeing what Dawnamatrix clothing was indeed used to now enjoying this nuts-and-bolts little peek, Bon Appétit has been quite the scrumptious meal for us.

Creating Video: With Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie and Henry Vance

There is the sexy techno beat God’s Deathtrap Remix of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink You Freeky,” a kaleidoscopic overlay of images, inside and out provocation from the ladies and the matching of fur shrugs over both our high waisted panties in one scene and a cat suit in another (and a truly dangerous image of one of the ladies walking round in a gown from our Space & Time Collection, brandishing an axe.

The Stars Show Off For LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar

No one is going to label Kris or Kendall Jenner world class dancers, but dance they try to, in sexy black Philip Plein pieces, for LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar. Kendall cavorts in black bra, stockings and high waist panties (see our basic one here) while her mom wears a black suit jacket over tights (which she adds a skirt to in another scene in the video later.) The women shimmy with antlers on their heads in one set-up but mostly they set about destroying a pink Christmas tree.

Basic Leggings

High waisted leggings featuring seamless outseam in your choice of color.

Victorian Skirt

Our fitted Victorian Skirt features a high waist with seam detailing and a dramatic flare below the knee.

Dawnamatrix @ DragonCon 2019

It came down to great cosplay (latex and otherwise), attendees enjoying a deep nerd groove and al of us checking out such cool stuff from the world of fantasy and science fiction: DragonCon 2019.

Dawnamatrix & Shady Bitch Eyewear

Forever championing the empowerment of women (and men too) Dawnmatrix has always been about expressing one’s self through our textile art. Be it transforming, costume play or imbuing the wearer with the confidence to step out feeling as sexy as they ever can, we agree with Shawntil’s’ take on wearer (women with sunglasses in her case) as warrior.

Bella Hadid See’s Thru Us All

What was of notice to some, and certainly to us at Dawnamatrix given our penchant for (and selling of) such accessories, were the masks models were wearing down the runway. Stephen Jones created stunning seeming face extensions for models wearing Maria Grazia Chiuri designs. Certainly the masks were perfect for this type of gathering and in some circles, people were talking about them as much as they were Bella Hadid’s display.

Dawnamatrix Helps Katy Perry Wish You Bon Appétit

You might not think there is a connection between latex clothing and a full course meal, but Katy Perry sure does. In her new video “Bon Appétit” -the second single off of the pop diva’s upcoming 4th studio album-Katy not only wears latex couture, but she wears some Dawnamatrix latex couture!

Nicki beats Aretha celebrates in latex

Following the progression of a super pop diva like Minaj one as much comes to listen to her changes, as see them. As the woman’s proportions seemingly progress with her music and style certainly Ms. Minaj seems to be lately wiggling well past any effect we might have enjoyed from Lady Gaga latex showings or even Katy Perry latex (though Perry has a new album about to hit, so who knows what wild styles she will be rocking soon.)

Dawnamatrix Dresses Bella Hadid and Liu Wen in CR Fashion Book # 10

We would have been proud to declare that Bella Hadid had worn one of our accessories in a photo shoot. Or that we happened to outfit Liu Wen for a strut down the runway. Or that we might even be getting a mention in the newest CR Fashion Book or to have said some of our wardrobe pieces appeared in a Mario Sorrenti shoot or that we got to work with stylist Carine Roitfeld. Any of those credits alone would have been enough for solid bragging rights. But in the latest CR Fashion Book, #10 to be exact, all of the above wishes have come true: Dawnamatrix Dresses Bella Hadid and Liu Wen in CR Fashion Book # 10, in a photo shoot by Mario Sorrenti shoot, styled by Carine Roitfeld!

CR Fashion Book 10

Photo DescriptionPhoto DetailsPhoto Description Garments pictured: Lux Bra, Premium Thigh Highs, Basic Garter Belt, High Waisted Panty Photo Details Photography: Mario Sorrenti Stylist: Carine Roitfeld Models: Bella Hadid and Liu Wen Basic Garter Belt $ 90.00 High Waisted Panty $ 100.00 Lux Bra $ 120.00 Premium Latex Thigh Highs $ 150.00

Fergie Is a Mom We’d Like To Follow…In Latex

At 41 and a mom herself, Fergie certainly qualifies as a MILF (no matter what word you want to use for the ‘F’). Her new candy-colored video features openly out gay Spanish supermodel hunk Jon Kortajarena, delivering milk to a bevy of MILF’s, Fergie leading the gaggle. The scenes change from backyard lawns to soda fountains, to classrooms to bathtubs, pretty much each time showing Fergie and her friends in latex costume designs.

Bruce Is Out, Caitlyn Jenner Is “In”

It’s official. Once you land an Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair cover, you might as well know you have as much made your high couture stripes as you are going to be seen throughout the mainstream news. As had been indicated last week Leibovitz shot the first ever Bruce Jenner post transformation shots for an upcoming summer issue of Vanity Fair. The picture of that cover, a stunner, has been released today across the blog’o world, with the issue to appear on newsstands June 9th.

Mad Men Slips Into The 70’s

Fan or not of the super popular AMC series, there is no denying that Mad Men, now in its final season, has enjoyed a successful run. The appeal of actors like Jon Hamm, January Jones, Christian Hendricks and so many other talented men and women, the peak through past decades and the delineated roles men and women were locked into were brought alive in the series’ long run (this, their 7th season, is their last). And of course the sartorial sensibility of the show, the resplendent suits and colors of clothes we hadn’t seen in prime time T.V. in so long, added to the cool of the show and had people talking all the time (Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez who run a popular style site have been cataloging almost every Mad Men outfit on their site for their This last season of Mad Men sees the cast slipping into 1970…and boy is the wardrobe of Mad Men making news once again.

Katy Perry @ The Super Bowl

If you are unaware, The “Firework” singer is presenting the halftime show this year. Judging by Katy’s past performances her costumes for Sunday-deigned by Jeremy Scott-could be wild indeed. At a Super Bowl XLIX press conference Miss Perry assured us all that her opening costume would be “flaming hot,” that she is bringing a lion and some sharks to her performance “creating three or four different worlds” and that though she knows nothing about the latest ‘Deflategate’ controversy “nothing in my performance will be deflated.”

Leopard Sweetheart Bra

Bold, classic and cat-riffic. Our latex leopard print underwire bra features contrast detailing, thin black straps and a snap back. It holds you, flatters you and oh-so-hugs you in our soft yet supportive high-grade latex. This brassiere compliments both our Leopard Thigh Highs and Striped Leopard High Waisted Panty; complete the set or just step …

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The Ever Popular Leopard Print Latex

As latex wearers as much as designers we want ever more captivating colors, luscious cuts and sexy styles and if and when we can manage them, certainly prints of outstanding quality and rendering across our latex. We seem to have hit on a very popular ‘trend’, something we certainly did not predict but are thrilled to exploit all the same, our Leopard Print Latex.

Oh No, Noah Cyrus!

Stepping out to the store in a pair of thigh-high leather boots or a latex mini (guy or gal) might still engender a stare or two. And as Noah Cyrus learned this week, showing lots of oneself, even during a modern music award show, is just too much for some.

fashion fightS coronavirus

Might a latex accessory help keep one protected from the coronavirus? So far, we have all seen as much disinformation as real science fact thrown far and wide about COVID-19. With panic in the current pandemic fed and fueled in the lightning-fast dissemination of information we have at our fingertips it’s not so easy keeping …

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Part 3: 2019 (and the past decade) Fashion Statements (and Questions?)

In our continuing coverage of past couture moments from 2019 and this decade, be they latex couture or not, here are some “fashion statements” and ‘questions’ both. Although we have been known to sell latex thongs, does anyone recall introducing their “Basic V Neck Ruched Front Thong Bodysuit” this past year? The ‘front thong’ …

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2019 VMAs Fashions

Taylor Swift came in a colorful and diamond jeweled Versace blazer and black Christian knee-high boots, Halsey managed to sneak in a black waist cincher in the middle of her open dress. And as we have come to expect, Queen Latifah showed-off her usual wardrobe class in a sedate yet sexy Sergio Hudson orange suit.