Curve Expo, Lingerie & Swim Show NYC

I liked how more than a few designers-Baci comes instantly to mind-were showcasing ‘alternative’ couture in lingerie. Designing what we do we often find that lots of designers appropriate the label ‘alternative’ simply because they may have incorporated a bit of latex here, created a overtly naughty piece of lingerie there. But as we all know it is a matter of perspective really what is and is not alternative. It’s the old one’s man’s meat is another man’s latex jodhpur quandary.

Nicki Minaj helps Doja Cat

The Nicki’s, Gaga’s, and before them, the Madonna’s of this world have been the creative forces behind lots of latex, lingerie, and overall, naughty couture turns. We count on these modern-day fashion provocateurs to keep us guessing (and salivating), as much with what their stage costumes, their red carpet reveals as their video turns. In …

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Cardi b., The Met And The Erotic Heritage Museum Have you Covered

Social distancing and self-quarantining continue, but that doesn’t mean latex fashions, lingerie mix-and-matching, big-time fashion events, celebrity postings, and yes, even a little sex-positivity, stops. Below are some of our favorite stories from the beginning of this week. During the last two months or so, we have seen plenty of celebrities logging lots of time …

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Valentine’s Day 2020

Here we go ‘round once more with roses, candy, and red latex lingerie. Valentine’s Day 2020 is upon us, and once again, we want to send out all the very best (and some naughty) wishes that everyone gets to enjoy the holiday the way they most wish to. And with the person, they most wish …

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Savage x Fenty Premiers on Amazon Prime

Although we all certainly love or latex couture, one might not miss seeing our most favorite material in all that Rihanna gives us with her new Savage x Fenty collection. At the recent New York Fashion Week, Rihanna presented a dance-led show for her fashion line at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Kim Kardashian Is On Fire

It’s been quite some time since we had a good Kim-Kardashian-out-and-about-in-a-hot-latex-outfit story. But give her time, and the super famous reality star always comes through for those of us who are her fans, lovers of latex or both.

Angel Tears, Shawn Mendes and a $1 Million Bra

Also on hand were sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid (who did not walk last year) Lima, Elsa Hosk, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and many others. The lingerie and outfits the ladies modeled ranged from Gigi in floral tights, bra, shoes and a parachute-like floral train. In fact, quite often the models wore float-y, in some cases, even inflatable ‘banners,’ as much as wings this night.

Nicki Minaj At The 2018 BET Awards

When it comes to featuring latex couture and alternate fashions in her live performances and pretty much any place else we see her, Nicki Minaj is a queen. Yes, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, so many others singers and actresses wear latex bodysuits, tops and latex lingerie on stage, in their videos or just out and about town. But if you caught Nicki Minaj’s performances at the 2018 BET Awards just passed you’d have to admit this rapper/pop star is at the top of the heap when it comes to rockin’ latex.

Celebrating Memorial Day With Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty

Although we have caught her sporting sporting gear or latex-like couture from Alexander Vauthier for a trip to the Grammies, who would have thought we’d be lucky enough to catch Rihanna in so much lingerie? At the beginning of this month the singer ‘dropped’ her new Savage x Fety line and it includes 90 pieces of lingerie, sleepwear, and accessories, as well as four core collections.

UNLEASHED Amsterdam Spring Event

As always at UNLEASHED events, there will be a top of the line sound system featured, pounding out the spins from DJ’s like Joyce Mercedes, Melissa Sneekes and Sofia Valentine, (to name but a few performing this time out). There will be performers on hand as well, with this time the 6-girl “Mad Pussy Gang,” featured to ‘unleash’ their pyro, juggling, dancing madness. Also, as always, UNLEASHED provides many different areas for people to come and party/meet in: dark out-of-the-way corners for canoodling, their big dance floor spaces to get one’s rave on, ‘chill out’ areas for partiers to snuggle close for simple conversations and handholding away from the mayhem.

Megan Fox In Latex For Frederick’s of Hollywood

Pretty much a no-brainer match-made-in-heaven, Megan Fox is sporting latex couture in a new campaign for Frederick’s of Hollywood. In latex leggings and booty-bearing body suit, the mother-of-three star of Transformers shows pretty well how pretty well she wears our most favorite material. As the infamous sexy shop’s new Brand Ambassador and creative partner, Maxim’s ‘Earth’s hottest girl’ is perfect to show off these intimate pieces for Frederick’s lingerie spring 2017 campaign.

Creating Video: With Porcelain and Sierra McKenzie and Henry Vance

There is the sexy techno beat God’s Deathtrap Remix of Die Antwoord’s “I Fink You Freeky,” a kaleidoscopic overlay of images, inside and out provocation from the ladies and the matching of fur shrugs over both our high waisted panties in one scene and a cat suit in another (and a truly dangerous image of one of the ladies walking round in a gown from our Space & Time Collection, brandishing an axe.

Sometimes It Really Is All About The Corset

Yes, when it comes to fashion statements, we sexy costume, cosplay, latex outfit wearers have known the power of a corset (for both men and women) for a very long time. You know how it goes, they eventually catch-on to what we have been doing for decades. They suddenly realize that you might just turn heads by wearing specific pieces of lingerie on the outside of your clothes…or just the lingerie with a little jacket over it. Or they start taking to a specific material-latex maybe-and call because one or two big time celebs get seen out and about it a latex catsuit once in a while, or somebody sports a pair of leather gloves to the elbow. We can’t be haters for the John·ny (or Jill)-come-late·lies though, they are just getting hip to what we have already known and have to be patient enough to lead by example.

Patrick Stewart Makes a Very Fine Lady

The ex Captain of the Enterprise, dressed-up in a pink dress, black heels and jewels (even sporting the glittery accessory of a diamond clutch) to promote the 2nd season of his Starz show “Blunt Talk.” Nails to match the dress, eyelashes, purple eyeshadow and a striking white wig completed the 75 year old actor’s transformation for an “Emmy for Your Consideration” event. On a show where Stewart says he often repeats to himself: “I’ve never done that before” about his character’s actions, coming out in drag to speak about the show seemed apropos, he felt.

London Reveals What’s Under It All

The UK’s Victoria and Albert Museum seems to think lingerie is important just as we do. They are devoting their new Undressed: A Brief History Of Underwear exhibit to a semi-chronological, heavily-themed display of unmentionables for the next year. In sections titled “Health and Hygiene” “Performance Underwear; and Support: Bras and Girdles” and many others, this very famous London museum’s attendees get to enjoy a multi-floor exploration of undergarment fashions and body image concerns of the past (and really, nothing reveals how we feel about our bodies then what we make to wear so very close to them). Dress designers and ‘reformers’ are highlighted as well as the inventors and innovators who played a role in the furthering of designs that increased our comfort and the durability of our undergarments through the decades.

UNLEASHED Amsterdam 5th Anniversary Party

The sponsors of these European parties read like a Who’s Who of alt. design makers and shakers, with Marquis Magazine, DeMasK Amsterdam, INSOMNIA-Nightclub and Pleasurements just some of the names on a long list of UNLEASHED sponsors. And as always spectacular star D,J.’s will pump music throughout the venue, the crowd is sure to get close, heated and twirl with abandon and UNLEASHED promises their usual mix of international performing talent and even a rubber clothing fashion show sometime during the night.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Is A Hot Topic

We all know Victorian-era clothing is just perfect for dress-up possibilities and seeing as Seth Grahame-Smith’s 2009 parody story mashed-up Jane Austin with flesh eaters, we get comely lasses in lace and petticoats dispatching monsters across a blood-soaked English countryside. But what the ladies of the time wear under their outfits is what most interests Hot Topic here, as they have managed to produce a new line of unmentionables for fans of the movie…or just ladies who wish some extra special dressing-up under their everyday wardrobes.

Dawnamatrix Inflates Katy Perry For Covergirl’s “Plumpify”

We were contacted by stylist Andrew Richardson over the summer to create a larger-than-life look for the “Fireworks” singer, pieces as sexy as they were unusual, for a Covergirl “Plumpify Mascara” commercial. Dressing a woman known for her outrageous and innovative fantasy costume designs, someone who can straddle both the sexy and the silly, a pop star of infinite different looks and persona, we knew we had to bring the very best to this assignment and take the word “Plumpify” to a whole new level.

LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar Tickles Us Close

Yes, the upcoming Pirelli calendar is getting lots of press-and the women posing in that famous Italian fashion export are not even nude this year or even wearing latex outfits-it’ the annual LOVE Magazine Advent calendar that seems to be earning the most attention for its salacious content. With their pictures and videos of scantily clad celeb ladies rounding out their month of days, we see lots of high-waisted panties and bra sets, dangling garters (or those attached to stockings) model Zendaya going way out in a 2001: A Space Odyssey homage and Pamela Anderson (the last woman to appear completely nude in “Playbo0y” magazine actually) in classic black 50’s lingerie. Kendall Jenner even walks through video fire in her own stocking and garter set while wearing various fur coats.

Here Come Those Damn Angels Once Again: The Early Scuttlebutt on The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Other facts as they are becoming known are Lily Aldridge will be wearing the ultimate in costume design, the Fireworks Fantasy Bra, this year’s big ticket item priced at $2 million. That bra’s precious gems come in at a cool 1,364 carats and are set in 18 karat gold, the panties Lily will wear with it, sport 120 diamonds and 400 stones. Created by jeweler Mouawad you can see Aldridge cavorting in the set in this Vogue video.

“Historic” Undies at The Erotic Heritage Museum

First there is a collection of “claimed” Gennifer Flowers undies. These include President Clinton’s mistress’ pantyhose sets, thigh highs, floggers and hand cuffs, a leather vest, garters, corsets (probably some latex and leather in there) Then there is another exhibit of intimate wear from Carrie Royale, mistresses of Prince Harry and lastly a huge “Sex In The Third Reich” exhibit exposing the hypocrisy of Hitler and the Nazi cult through their sexual biographies and WWII paraphernalia (any exhibit that skewers Hitler’s sick regime is a good thing we feel.) “The Sex In The Third Reich” also features authenticated Eva Braun lingerie.

Playing and Partying At 2015 Montreal Fetish Weekend: LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL

There are plenty of men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend to see, wear and enjoy wonderful latex clothing (which we can promise you will be on hand), but there is so much beyond the fantasy fashions that occur during the weekend. One such occurrence is the LATEXTACY SIN-A-MATIC BALL happening on Saturday September 5th.

This grand costumed affair features Hollywood “Red Carpet” glamour in a fetish fantasy theme. And though latex fashion is featured, LATEXTACY-like all of the MFW-is full of love for anything partiers wish to wear, from leather, to pvc, lingerie and any and all kinds of Xdressing.

A Latex Harness Is All A Girl (or Guy) Needs

Here David Rocha of Shogun Photography in Death Valley catches the sultry Elegy Ellem, a Swedish alternative model known for her arresting body art, voluptuous figure, and classic beauty. Elegy is modeling the Dawnamatrix Ring Harness a sexy couture accessory we find popular with women for wear either as is-as Elegy shows us-or layered under any number of other Dawnamatrix wardrobe pieces.

The Mainstream Has Its Fifty Shades Of Fun While The Latex Fashionista Sits Back Bemused

Ellen DeGeneres trotted out another ‘homage’ to “Shades,” debuting a video clip of none other than Today show weather guy Al Rocker giving a weather report dressed in red nipple tassels, black leather shorts, a bondage harness and knee-high laced boots. Given the fact that DeGeneres works for the same network, that Roker-and the rest of his Today show hosts-are as much T.V. personalities as well as broadcasters and that DeGeneres pulled a Fifty Shades Of Dress-Up with Rocker’s fellow host Matt Lauer only a few days before, this all fit the theme and mood of what has been going on in and around the movie.

Constantly Considering Your Latex Wardrobe Groove

As these shots of our various Latexclothing will show, putting together an outfit, adding to your ‘look’, or even just fantasizing about what you want to wear, is something that can be easily pieced together (and to be sure, men’s clothing choices can be just as easily ‘considered’ from our wares ). These pictures were taken during the Montreal Fetish Weekend, where people were wearing/considering/enjoying their wardrobes to the fullest, utilizing the lovely model and woman-of-mystery Lalka Dollar Doll of Geneva Switzerland. Lalka walked for us for the debut of our Space & Time collection at MFW 2014 and Philip Faith, our photographer for these photos, has himself ‘considered’ many a fetish avant-garde pose and outfit in his celebrated career.